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Archives: December 17, 2015

“It’s time to start bringing in feedback, context, and community to our sites.” Elite Truong
“Is your newsroom ready? Do you know how to deal with emotion, or do you lock it away with the promise of a drink and a few morbid jokes later?” P. Kim Bui
“Technology is a larger and better-capitalized challenger. Coming to the table as equals to negotiate a fair split requires more resources, audience, and assets than many publishers currently have.” Erin Pettigrew
“Telling complex news stories requires all hands on deck, and immersing the reader or viewer in a scene is key.” Allissa Richardson
“Data is a dispassionate way to dismiss notions of a post-racial society or ugly stereotypes about poverty and crime.” Errin Haines
“If I ask my AI personal assistant, ‘What’s the most important news story of today?’ how will it determine what that is for me, and where will it go looking to deliver me the story?” Trushar Barot
“The top-down news infrastructure of the previous century has not been replaced by a grassroots, bottom-up alternative. What has emerged instead is a matrix that combines the concentration of ownership and attention of the legacy media system with the distribution of communication flows of daily life.” Pablo Boczkowski
“The future will be about rethinking the systems of journalism so that they build on interlocking strengths.” Tom Glaisyer
“The old way of thinking about experiences by device (e.g., desktop, tablet, phone, paper) has given way to thinking about experiences by type of user.” Dan Check