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The Nieman Journalism Lab (NJL) is a wide-area hypermedia information retrieval initiative aiming to give universal access to a large universe of documents about digital news and journalism innovation.

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“Journalism moves fast…philanthropy moves slow.” Press Forward’s director wants to bring them together
"I see, every week, some example of where the two don't understand each other. Each of them needs to shift a little bit."
After criticism over “viewpoint diversity,” NPR adds new layers of editorial oversight
"We will all have to adjust to a new workflow. If it is a bottleneck, it will be a failure."
“Impossible to approach the reporting the way I normally would”: How Rachel Aviv wrote that New Yorker story on Lucy Letby
"So much of the media coverage — and the trial itself — started at the point at which we’ve determined that [Lucy] Letby is an evil murderer; all her texts, notes, and movements are then viewed through that lens."
Increasingly stress-inducing subject lines helped The Intercept surpass its fundraising goal
"We feel like we really owe it to our readers to be honest about the stakes and to let them know that we truly cannot do this work without them.”
In an increasingly fractured Europe, this project is betting on one-on-one talks as a way to find common ground
"We get requests from all over the world, and everyone says that their country is experiencing unprecedented levels of polarization or a breakdown in social cohesion."
After The Messenger’s collapse, Jimmy Finkelstein seems to be itching for a do-over
"May I suggest to any potential investors just setting your money on fire instead? Faster, less traumatic, same outcome."
Apple News adds a new original game to boost News+ subscriptions
The news aggregator app has focused on puzzles and games that are "more welcoming to newcomers."
People who got off Facebook for 6 pivotal weeks in 2020 may have been less likely to vote for Trump
"We do think our results can inform readers’ priors about the potential effects of social media in the final weeks of high-profile national elections."
How NPR and Floodlight teamed up to uncover fossil fuel “news mirages” across the country
“It's information. But it's not news."
This journalism professor made a NYC chatbot in minutes. It actually worked.
"The step that we need to make as a society is moving from, 'This came from a machine, it must be correct,' to, if I’m talking to a friend of mine who says something crazy, 'I need to double check that, I need to cross reference it to make sure that it is accurate.'"

What’s going on here?

Happy 30th birthday to the World Wide Web, which was first described in a document (“Information Management: A Proposal”) by Tim Berners-Lee on March 12, 1989.

This is what the very first web page looked like; this is what our homepage homage looked like on March 12, 2019.

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