Twitter  Community news publishers are lobbying the Newseum to include more community newspapers  
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Ken Doctor5 mins ago
Questions about “the business model” sound a little different in Ukraine these days. One English-language newspaper is trying to build a sustainable future in an uncertain land.
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Ken Doctor15 hours ago
The first edition of the Orange County Register’s expansion into the Times’ turf is hot off the presses. Is this about selling papers or positioning for a further shakeout of the newspaper market?
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Jake Batsell
The daylong summit on new models for supporting journalism examines how the Texas Tribune diversified its funding, the injection of venture capital and private wealth into media, and the future of philanthropy for news.
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Justin Ellis
Chalkbeat, Southern California Public Radio, InvestigateWest and others are awarded over $236,000 in micro-grants to support events programming, collaborative reporting, and a “native underwriting” pilot program.
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