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Robinson Meyer is tweeting up an interesting storm about the “death” of “tech blogging” — tied to Gizmodo’s announcement of some impressive new hires today. To get past the scarequotes, here’s Rob.

You could think of what he’s saying as the Revenge of the Liberal Arts Majors.

While we’re talking about multi-tweet runs, might as well link to Ben Mathis-Lilly’s defense of new media terminology.

— Joshua Benton
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  • Alexis Madrigal

    I would only note that his full title is: Rob Meyer, future Atlantic Tech writer. He starts with us in August, and we couldn’t be more excited to have him.

  • Joshua Benton

    An excellent hire.

  • Dan Mitchell

    Great. Maybe at that point, he can reshape these excellent points into a coherent, readable narrative, rather than a bunch of tweets.

  • Why Android

    That’s a lot of Tweets from

  • Trace Cohen

    Yes, to some extent “tech” blogging has expanded to cover a much broader range of news because at first it was niche but now it’s mainstream and needs to be monetized. Unfortunately this article shows why… you copied and pasted tweets with absolutely no context (besides a link to a story) and gave no additional insight or thought to them. A worst of all, you had a dramatic headline and nothing to back it up.

  • mike peine

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  • Jarek Mytych