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Archives: December 2016

“Openness and transparency can help journalism reaffirm its value with the audience, creating the conditions to leverage new business models.” Moreno Cruz Osório
“I hope the left-leaning elements of journalism (of which I would be a card-carrying member if we actually printed cards) take a minute for reflection before moving onto blaming only fake news and Russian hacking for the rise of Trump.” Mary Meehan
“Journalism is often at its best during periods of genuine turmoil or uncertainty.” Almar Latour
“The power of media is the power of reflecting human experience.” Sue Schardt
Fake news percentages, numbers of working journalists, declining print ad revenue: 2016 in numbers.
“Audiences are hungry for trusted news and debate outside the walled gardens of the big echo-chamber platforms.” Aja Bogdanoff
“We need to vaccinate the public with real journalism: explaining in detail how we come to a conclusion, how facts are gathered, what should be considered a fact and why — how journalism works.” Ole Reißmann
“This is good news for journalists working with VR: Billions can access their content, not millions.” Sarah Wolozin
“New strategies of attention have shaped many of the (often divisive) outcomes of recent referenda and elections across multiple continents, and they will continue to be a driving force in 2017 and beyond.” An Xiao Mina