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Postcards and laundromat visits: The Texas Tribune audience team experiments with IRL distribution
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Archives: December 2016

“It is building exceptional editorial design sensibilities — and the character of our communities or content — into our products that will separate us from easy-to-install WordPress themes.” Andy Rossback
Plus: The beginning of a podcast is incredibly important; the “gee whiz” podcast trend; is The New York Times swinging for a daily news show?
“The presidential campaign always propels us to try formats that attempt to put the torrent of news into context.”
“If there’s one thing that 2017 could hope to emulate, it’s the muckrakers’ ability to produce journalism that is genuinely concerned with the interest of the people, fiercely adversarial but never personalized.” Juliette De Maeyer and Dominique Trudel
“Journalists will finally dig in to understand how their stories travel in our information ecosystem.” Amy O'Leary
“Sure, Facebook’s standardized display and positioning of content doesn’t help users make informed choices, but journalism can’t shirk responsibility for cheapening the product offering.” Rebekah Monson
“It’s not about dumbing down or giving up on context — it’s about learning a new grammar that works on a small screen in a distributed world.” Nathalie Malinarich
“News organizations spend so much time telling everyone else’s stories that we forget to tell their own.” Mary Walter-Brown
“The misinformation ecosystem is much more nuanced than simply fake news.” Claire Wardle
“The time when everything in journalism and media happened in the States and was then exported to the rest of the world is over.” Juan Luis Sánchez