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Leaked code, blocked journalists, and billions gone: It’s just another few days in late Twitter
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March 12, 2023
“According to Dominion, [Lachlan] Murdoch admitted that he suggested which guests should appear on Fox shows, the content of those programs, and even specific questions to ask interviewees. He went so far as to criticize individual chyrons at the bottom of the screen, complaining that they were ‘anti-Trump.'”
The Guardian / Ed Pilkington / Mar 12
“The lack of transparency from ChatGPT about how it finds answers does not just threaten traffic for publishers (by removing the need to click on links in order to answer search questions), it also raises huge questions about how misinformation and deep fakes can be spotted in future.”
Press Gazette / Dominic Ponsford / Mar 12
March 9, 2023
American Public Media Group and Minnesota Public Radio had ended the podcast after two seasons last summer.
The New Yorker / The New Yorker / Mar 9
“When [Brian] Entin descends on a town, he brings with him more than 444,200 Twitter followers…Many of them started following Entin over the course of his 2021 reporting on Gabby Petito.”
Vanity Fair / Kathleen Hale / Mar 9
Plus other findings from recent research.
American Press Institute / Kevin Loker / Mar 9
“The law, which has received initial approval, would require media outlets and nongovernmental organizations that receive more than 20% of their funding from foreign sources to register as ‘agents of foreign influence.'”
AP / Mar 9
“Three fellows are based in Mississippi, and are the first Times employees to be hired in the state. Additional fellows hail from Hawaii, Maine, Maryland and Wisconsin.”
The New York Times Company / Mar 9
“We used to have the magazine almost for free, selling the customers to the advertisers, selling the content to the customers. Now we are in the business of selling the content to the customers.”
Poynter / Elizabeth Djinis / Mar 9
“According to an internal press release from the local branch of the National Union of Journalists (SNJ), this ‘massive job cut’ will be accompanied by a redeployment of journalists’ teams, within six months.”
Le Monde / Richard Schittly / Mar 9
“After a few days ignore Trump and quickly become the loyal opposition.”
The New York Times / Jeremy W. Peters / Mar 9