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January 4, 2022
Gideon Lichfield, editor-in-chief of all editions of WIRED, also asked: “What does it mean to be WIRED, a publication born to celebrate technology, in an age when tech is often demonized?”
Wired / Gideon Lichfield / Jan 4
“On Nov. 1, 90 people played. On Sunday, just over two months later, more than 300,000 people played.”
New York Times / Daniel Victor / Jan 4
Bloomberg Media CEO Justin Smith will leave immediately. “[Smith] has always talked about a market of 200 million college-educated, English-speaking professionals throughout the world. And the big bet he’s making is that they’re more like each other than their individual countrymen.”
WSJ / Benjamin Mullin / Jan 4
“Study after study has shown that when local news disappears, the public checks out or turns to social media, where misinformation and conspiracy theories abound. Political polarization becomes even more extreme. Mistrust in government grows, and voters become more susceptible to manipulation,” Kim said. “That’s why THE CITY’s mission is so crucial, not just for New York and New Yorkers, but as part of a national movement to revive democracy by reviving local news.
THE CITY / Vania Andre / Jan 4
January 3, 2022
“Univision has pulled the plug on Fusion TV, the cable network it initially conceptualized as an English-language news and lifestyle channel targeting millennial Latinos. But it ended up being a mishmash with no true identity that evolved into a convoluted money-losing mess.” Its news site ended in either 2017 or 2019, depending on how you look at it.
Forbes / Veronica Villafañe / Jan 3
“Dave joined the Post in 2000 as a summer intern on the city desk and delivered stand-out work on every beat he did, including covering the nightside cops beat, the D.C. police department and as a roving New England reporter.” (We wrote what I think was the first piece on his unusual pad-and-pen approach to social reporting back in 2016.)
Twitter / Paul Farhi / Jan 3
“…a few private companies are disseminating a massive amount of the world’s news and it’s largely happening inside black boxes…I think figuring out ways to both help and, in some cases, force, large platforms to be more transparent with news and civic content as it’s in the process of being disseminated can ultimately help make social platforms better homes for public discourse.”
The New York Times / Ben Smith / Jan 3
“CBP’s internal probe was prompted by Yahoo News’ reporting earlier this month on Operation Whistle Pig, a leak investigation targeting reporter Ali Watkins and her then-boyfriend, James Wolfe, a Senate staffer…As many as 20 national security reporters were also investigated during this time.”
Yahoo News / Jana Winter / Jan 3
“Mercedes Benz is employing more journalists in Germany than the leading consumer car magazine. They have an agency in Berlin with 100 people; a third of them are journalists, a third of them are data scientists and the other third are online marketers. As a publisher, if you can position yourself within that content marketing trend that will be a strong thing.”
Press Gazette / Dominic Ponsford / Jan 3
“Fox News secured 2.348 million total average viewers between the hours of 8 p.m. ET and 11 p.m. ET. Of those, 370,000 were in the demo [ages 18-49]. MSNBC was in second place in total average viewers, pulling in 1.533 million, but its 216,000 demo viewers had the network placing third among the big three cable news channels. CNN saw an average of 1.078 million primetime viewers for the year with 268,000 of those in the demo.”
The Wrap / Lindsey Ellefson / Jan 3