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June 13, 2022
“With a handful of production staff, it is his job to sift through and edit down a voluminous amount of images from police body cams, hallway surveillance video, and raw footage from a documentarian — hours and hours of recordings that captured the insurrection as it unfolded.”
The New York Times / Jeremy W. Peters / Jun 13
“…pay interns — pay them really really well so that they can do it full time without the support of their parents. Stop awarding fellowships to elite universities only. Stop developing relationships with elite universities only. And stop making a degree a requirement for jobs because that’s absurd.”
The Angry Editor / James Welsh / Jun 13
“Keeping the section free will help the company tap into more search ad revenue coming from Google, [chief revenue officer Josh] Stinchcomb said…The company will review the types of products and services that cater to a typical Wall Street Journal reader — a professionally driven consumer navigating return to office changes and has an interest in the economy.”
Axios / Sara Fischer / Jun 13
“In his lawsuit, Ali says the magazine did not assign a fact-checker, which is a regular practice for a story of that length, and did not verify any of Kiefer’s allegations or give Ali the chance to disprove any of the claims made in the story…[editor Maer Roshan said] that Los Angeles Magazine stood by its story.”
Los Angeles Times / Nathan Solis / Jun 13
“The Ponderay Newsprint Mill north of Spokane went bankrupt and closed in 2020. It was partly owned by a consortium of national newspaper chains that contracted, merged and were acquired by hedge funds. In January it restarted as a cryptocurrency mill.”
The Seattle Times / Brier Dudley / Jun 13
“My entire journalistic career has been devoted to giving truthful news and information and not advocating for any position whatsoever, especially not a repressive regime.”
Voice of America / Sirwan Kajjo / Jun 13
“It is the fourth closure in the last year of a significant news organization that is not aligned with the city establishment’s pro-Beijing camp. The injection by Beijing in July 2020 of a National Security Law, and powerful security apparatus in the city, is seen by media organizations to have significantly reduced the freedoms of the press.”
Variety / Patrick Frater / Jun 13
“It was the kind of journalism that has distinguished the Salvadoran press. In the three decades since peace accords ended the nation’s bloody civil war, El Salvador had become a beacon of media freedom in a region where journalists are sometimes jailed and even killed for hard-hitting work exposing the powerful and the corrupt.”
Los Angeles Times / Kate Linthicum / Jun 13
“Today’s judgment is an important vindication not just of Carole, but of the right of everyone to express themselves freely on matters of public interest. The judge undertook a highly detailed and careful examination of what Carole said…and rightly found that Carole was entitled to say what she honestly and reasonably believed based on years of investigation.”
Press Gazette / Bron Maher / Jun 13
“Banks, who funded the pro-Brexit Leave.EU campaign group, sued Cadwalladr personally over two instances in which she said the businessman was lying about his relationship with the Russian state…In a written judgment handed down on Monday, Mrs Justice Steyn ruled…that Cadwalladr initially had successfully established a public interest defence under section 4 of the Defamation Act.”
The Guardian / Haroon Siddique / Jun 13