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He’ll keep the blue check, though: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is stepping down
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November 7, 2021
“It’s a newsletter discovery service. After you sign up, we pick a different newsletter to forward you each day. If you like it, you can hit ‘subscribe in 1 click’ and you’ll get added to their list.” JB
The Sample / Jacob O'Bryant / Nov 7
“Unless you’re a crypto fanatic, it’s easy to see Mirror as a kind of niche, crypto-driven amalgam of platforms like Substack and Patreon and Kickstarter—with more steps.” But some writers are making real money on it. One raised the equivalent of $27,000 (now more than $46,000) to expand a Twitter thread on a Billie Eilish documentary into a longform essay. JB
Vice / Emilie Friedlander / Nov 7
“Think it’s not happening on your watch? You’re probably mistaken. Newsroom leaders can no longer stand idly by and allow their newsrooms — and their credibility as leaders — to suffer.”
Editor and Publisher / Larry Graham / Nov 4
“Any other media company would take The Daily and roll out 20 iterations of it because it did so well. But I think it’s because they’re very nervous and it’s the Times. If they do it they want it to be a hit.”
Vanity Fair / Charlotte Klein / Nov 4
“As I lectured [my daughter] about the many reasons to celebrate her natural hair, I caught a glimpse of my own in the rearview mirror — fried by chemicals until it was stick-straight. She had to be wondering: Mom, if natural Black hair is so great, why do you anchor the news every day with a relaxer and hair extensions?” HT
Boston Globe Magazine / Latoyia Edwards / Nov 4
“On television, between October 2020 and October 2021, according to Nielsen data, CNN was down 73 percent, to 661,00 viewers. Over the same period, MSNBC was down 56 percent, to 1.2 million viewers, and Fox News was down 53 percent, to 2.3 million viewers […] Digital news consumption has fallen this year, too.”
Columbia Journalism Review / Caleb Pershan / Nov 4
“The three journalists hoped they’d get 50 submissions. By the end of the day Monday, when the altar closed, they’d received more than 1,000 and had posted more than 900 ofrendas.”
Poynter / Kristen Hare / Nov 4
“The news organization hired a Milwaukee-area master electrician to conduct methodical inspections of a random selection of single and two-family rental units in the 53206 ZIP code.”
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / John Diedrich, Raquel Rutledge, and Tamia Fowlkes / Nov 4
“In its suit against Newsmax, Smartmatic alleges that the network, in a bid to challenge Fox News from the right, knowingly spread untrue or unsubstantiated claims popular with viewers ‘indicating that Smartmatic participated in a criminal conspiracy to rig and steal the 2020 U.S. election and that its technology and software were used to switch votes’ from Trump to Biden.”
Washington Post / Annabelle Timsit / Nov 4