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What We’re Reading
We keep an eye out for the most interesting stories about Labby subjects: digital media, startups, the web, journalism, strategy, and more. Here’s some of what we’ve seen lately.
May 2, 2022
“A story about the Ukrainian army shelling residential buildings ran alongside an ad for United Airlines. A story claiming that Russian forces have only attacked military infrastructure and Ukrainian troops above a Marriott Bonvoy ad.”
Marketing Brew / Ryan Barwick / May 2
“…looking to take advantage of rising valuations for production companies in recent months. But a sale of the business would deprive Vice of its biggest business and would raise questions about the future direction of the firm.”
The Information / May 2
“After a two-and-half-year trial, the court dropped charges against Kerim Karakaya and Fercan Yalinkilic over a 2018 story…The Bloomberg reporters were indicted along with more than thirty people, who were charged over social media comments deemed critical of Turkey’s economy and banks, following complaints from the country’s banking and capital market regulators.”
Bloomberg / May 2
“Some of those covering the most powerful office on the planet say that the storylines, while important, and substantive, can lack flair or be hard to get viewer attention…There is a sense that the main saga of American politics is taking place outside the confines of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and that the journalists covering it — Donald Trump and the future of democracy — may reap the career rewards.”
Politico / Max Tani / May 2
“Depending on whom you ask, [Michelle] Gotthelf was either a strong female leader in a misogynistic shark tank or a perpetuator of a toxic newsroom culture. ‘The way the Post is run can be really summarized by misogyny and control,’ says one former reporter who left in the past few years.”
The Cut / Angelina Chapin / May 2
“They recalled an early ideas meeting in which someone said they didn’t trust the Covid vaccine. ‘I remember thinking, “Oh God, this is not the sort of conversation we would ever have had at an editorial meeting at the BBC.” They may have discussed why people don’t have faith in the vaccine. But you wouldn’t have someone who didn’t believe in it themselves.'”
The New Statesman / Stuart McGurk / May 2
Including: Twitter “executives hadn’t even seen the plans for the company that Musk reportedly shared with bankers.”
The Verge / Richard Lawler / May 2
It had accepted them since 2014; fellow nonprofit Mozilla stopped taking them last month. “Some of the main arguments concerned the environmental implications of Bitcoin, the risk of scams, as well as the fact that the WMF gets such a low amount of donations in cryptocurrency compared to other forms of payment.”
The Verge / Emma Roth / May 2
“The decision reaffirms that even biased or ideologically driven news reporting can’t be regulated as ‘political’ activity…The case at issue centered on Courier Newsroom, a network of progressive news sites run by veteran Democratic digital strategist Tara McGowan.”
Axios / Lachlan Markay / May 2
“I think everybody sort of woke up and smelled the coffee during the pandemic and recognized that not all movies are created equal…It’s a big deal for Peacock to have these movies. They are events for them. And we got yeses, so I think it was a satisfying rationale.”
The New York Times / Nicole Sperling / May 2