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We keep an eye out for the most interesting stories about Labby subjects: digital media, startups, the web, journalism, strategy, and more. Here’s some of what we’ve seen lately.
June 9, 2022
“A separate five-strikes policy extends even to gun sellers and purchasers who actively call for violence or praise a known dangerous organization.”
Washington Post / Elizabeth Dwoskin and Naomi Nix / Jun 9
“The new paper adds to a growing collection of data-based research that shows Facebook has consistently amplified content from conservative accounts.”
NBC News / Brandy Zadrozny / Jun 9
“We isolated the floor with some rubber isolation. Lifted the floor by about six inches, filled it with insulation and then did the same thing for the walls.”
Current / Scott Fybush / Jun 9
“The military-civilian divide is nothing new … but part of bridging that divide is understanding what life is like for everyone in the military, and that means understanding just what a particular ribbon or weapons qualification means.”
Task & Purpose / Max Hauptman / Jun 9
“Whatever is going on at the Post, it is not great PR for the industry as a whole. A good chunk of the country already sees journalists as a bunch of sniveling high school students fighting over cafeteria real estate. No need to do the work for them.”
Gawker / Tarpley Hitt / Jun 9
“When you’re talking about topics that are extensively covered already in our publications, we need to make sure that the courses have the same take on subjects, the same access to the sources the journalists might use, and of course, the journalists themselves, because they are the best people to comment on these topics.”
Digital Content Next / Esther Kezia Thorpe / Jun 9
June 8, 2022
“Mr. Phillips, who also wrote regularly for The New York Times in 2017, has dedicated much of his career to documenting the struggle between the people who want to protect the Amazon and those who want to exploit it. Mr. Pereira has spent years defending Indigenous groups under the resulting threat. Now fears are growing that their latest journey deep into the rainforest could end up as one of the grimmest illustrations of that conflict.”
The New York Times / Jack Nicas, Ana Ionova, and André Spigariol / Jun 8
“We know that the audiences of the future are on new and different platforms. And if we want to reach younger and more diverse audiences, we have to be there with them.”
New York Times / Benjamin Mullin / Jun 8
The social media meltdown puts a spotlight on executive editor Sally Buzbee, who just last week celebrated her one-year anniversary as the paper’s top editor. Her predecessor, Marty Baron, took issue with how journalists used Twitter, but failed to enact a new social media policy.
Vanity Fair / Charlotte Klein / Jun 8
Many small news outlets ask themselves something similar. Here’s what happened when The Atlanta Voice, New York Amsterdam News, Houston Defender Network, and The Washington Informer upgraded.
Local Media Association / Jun 8