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Sophie Culpepper    May 20, 2024
“I see, every week, some example of where the two don’t understand each other. Each of them needs to shift a little bit.”
Sarah Scire    May 20, 2024
“We will all have to adjust to a new workflow. If it is a bottleneck, it will be a failure.”
Sarah Scire    May 16, 2024
“So much of the media coverage — and the trial itself — started at the point at which we’ve determined that [Lucy] Letby is an evil murderer; all her texts, notes, and movements are then viewed through that lens.”
Hanaa' Tameez    May 16, 2024
“We feel like we really owe it to our readers to be honest about the stakes and to let them know that we truly cannot do this work without them.”
Eduardo Suárez    May 15, 2024
“We get requests from all over the world, and everyone says that their country is experiencing unprecedented levels of polarization or a breakdown in social cohesion.”
Joshua Benton    May 15, 2024
“May I suggest to any potential investors just setting your money on fire instead? Faster, less traumatic, same outcome.”
Sarah Scire    May 14, 2024
The news aggregator app has focused on puzzles and games that are “more welcoming to newcomers.”
Laura Hazard Owen    May 14, 2024
“We do think our results can inform readers’ priors about the potential effects of social media in the final weeks of high-profile national elections.”
Neel Dhanesha    May 13, 2024
“It’s information. But it’s not news.”
Colin Lecher, The Markup    May 13, 2024
“The step that we need to make as a society is moving from, ‘This came from a machine, it must be correct,’ to, if I’m talking to a friend of mine who says something crazy, ‘I need to double check that, I need to cross reference it to make sure that it is accurate.'”
Andrew Deck    May 9, 2024
Awarded investigative stories are increasingly relying on machine learning, whether covering Chicago police negligence or Israeli weapons in Gaza
Sophie Culpepper    May 9, 2024
“We don’t come in when there’s something crazy happening and then leave when it’s over. This is just what we do all the time. And I really hope that makes people trust us more as a newspaper.”
Laura Hazard Owen    May 8, 2024
“We observe a dramatic increase in posts containing screenshots of Canadian news stories in the post-ban period.”
Joshua Benton    May 7, 2024
For the first time ever, more online news sites produced Pulitzer finalists than newspapers did.
Sophie Culpepper    May 7, 2024
Just 15% of Americans paid or gave money to a local news source in the past year, according to new research from the Pew-Knight Initiative.
Ken Doctor    May 6, 2024
What’s important to watch, in this gnarly legislation filled with acronyms, are two simple things: Money In and Money Out.
Danielle K. Brown    May 6, 2024
“There are commercial reasons why some newsrooms focus on the spectacle and confrontation — the old journalism adage of ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ still prevails in many newsroom decisions…But it is a decision that delegitimizes protest aims.”
AI Spotlight Series
Andrew Deck    May 2, 2024
The Pulitzer Center is prioritizing reporters in the Global South, and all the sessions are free.
Sarah Scire    May 2, 2024
Recent work from the Tow Center for Digital Journalism and the Craig Newmark Center for Ethics and Leadership offers recommendations.
Timothy B. Lee    May 1, 2024
A huge proportion of tech journalism is characterized by scandals, sensationalism, and shoddy research. Can we fix it?
Hanaa' Tameez    April 30, 2024
“Archiving materials still matters even in our digital age, primarily if the stories you explore provide a counter-narrative to the dominant society.”
Mark Coddington and Seth Lewis    April 30, 2024
Plus: Surprising attitudes about gender and credibility on the beat, how Trump drives outsized mainstream media attention to alternative media, and “sifting” as the key mode of next-gen news consumers.
The Financial Times (FT) logo
Andrew Deck    April 29, 2024
The ChatGPT developer previously signed deals with The Associated Press, Axel Springer SE, the French newspaper Le Monde, and more.
Lam Thuy Vo, The Markup    April 29, 2024
Using slides, hand gestures, and the Vietnamese vocabulary of a five-year-old, we talked about fake faces.
Sarah Scire    April 25, 2024
Nonprofit news has seen an uptick in mergers, acquisitions, and other consolidations. CalMatters CEO Neil Chase still says “I don’t think we’ve seen enough yet.”
Jonathan Stray    April 25, 2024
“For a long time, ‘objectivity’ packaged together many important ideas about truth and trust. American journalism has disowned that brand without offering a replacement.”
Renee DiResta, Abhiram Reddy, and Josh A. Goldstein    April 24, 2024
Within days of visiting the pages — and without commenting on, liking, or following any of the material — Facebook’s algorithm recommended reams of other AI-generated content.
Neel Dhanesha    April 23, 2024
“The question is not about the topics but how you approach the topics.”
Siwei Lyu    April 23, 2024
“Our research addresses deepfake detection algorithms’ fairness, rather than just attempting to balance the data. It offers a new approach to algorithm design that considers demographic fairness as a core aspect.”