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The last 20 posts from the Nieman Journalism Lab, for those who enjoy reverse chronological order.
Ken Doctor    April 18, 2019
“I think the hard part for something like Esquire or Harper’s Bazaar in digital — even to some extent Vogue — is that you get into the scale game. Digital demands greater scale. I just don’t know how many men are trying to figure out if corduroy is back in fashion.”
Ken Doctor    April 18, 2019
Newspaper company CEOs will be the first to tell you a new round of consolidation won’t solve their problems. But it might give them another year or two of breathing room.
Laura Hazard Owen    April 17, 2019
“It’s useful to us to see what people keep on their counters. Do they have their pots and pans hanging or tucked away? It’s a neat window into their lives.”
Joshua Benton    April 17, 2019
The latest round in the eternal fight over social media boundaries.
Julian Matthews    April 17, 2019
“We might like to think of our memory as an archivist that carefully preserves events, but sometimes it’s more like a storyteller.”
Nicholas Quah    April 16, 2019
Plus: How independent podcasters make money, Snap Judgment expands to a new platform, and Macs are getting a separate Podcasts app.
Joshua Benton    April 15, 2019
A reminder that even efforts to limit misinformation can end up spreading it instead — and that human editors watching over the algorithms can be a pretty good thing, too.
Joshua Benton    April 15, 2019
Always-streaming reporters, a searchable past, and new internal tools and external products: 5G will have a big impact on news, just as previous-generation networks did.
Christine Schmidt    April 15, 2019
NJ Spotlight and NJTV News may be onto a trend: “Really the quality of the journalism and business model made it viable for us and make it viable for the other legacy stations around the country.”
Christine Schmidt    April 11, 2019
“I would love to be in 25 cities and I wish we could’ve lived up to that. The financial reality and the operational reality of it was not quite ready for that.”
Joshua Benton    April 11, 2019
The initial indictment against the WikiLeaks leader doesn’t seem to implicate journalistic issues as directly as some had feared — but some still see darker impacts on reporting, and more charges could be coming.
Joshua Benton    April 10, 2019
Today, even the newsiest of news organizations are also lifestyle brands.
Joshua Benton    April 9, 2019
“In a well-functioning system, citizens need to be actively engaged in their government and aware of decisions made by their elected representatives. Newspapers are a means of citizen engagement, and this study provides evidence of the importance of this link.”
Joshua Benton    April 9, 2019
NPR and other news organizations will be able to easily turn a short news briefing into an extended — even infinite — listening experience.
Nicholas Quah    April 9, 2019
Plus: Maximum Fun seeks maximum funds (and gets enough), calling podcasters sellouts is so 1991, and it turns out Apple can sell an audio bundle to people in large numbers.
Louise Story    April 9, 2019
“In the case of commenting, we have concluded that overly focusing on the small subset of users who comment frequently and want no one intervening at all in their comments is costing us the opportunity of engaging with our much larger, growing, and diversifying audience.”