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Christine Schmidt    May 23, 2019
Also, men’s faces actually take up more space in the pictures.
Laura Hazard Owen    May 23, 2019
“More than a quarter of the content shared by the Bharatiya Janata Party and a fifth of the content shared by the Indian National Congress is junk news.”
Christine Schmidt    May 22, 2019
$660,000 to support a 50-member network will go to Solutions Journalism Network and Report for America for one year from a trio of place-based foundations.
Joshua Benton    May 21, 2019
Another point of crossover that hints at a possible future.
Nicholas Quah    May 21, 2019
Plus: Running from zombies for profit, Comic Sans rises again, and Spotify has a “Car Thing.”
Joshua Benton    May 21, 2019
Plus: Best practices for election forecasts, why people don’t vote, and the connection between media consumption and media trust.
Joshua Benton    May 20, 2019
On the care and feeding of subscribers — and what happens when the thing they originally signed up for goes away.
Dan Kennedy    May 20, 2019
“You can create the best journalism, but if you can’t get it to an audience, this is a problem.”
Laura Hazard Owen    May 17, 2019
Plus: Whether Americans believe climate change is caused by humans depends on how you ask the question, and WhatsApp clones are getting around some restrictions designed to limit the spread of fake news.
Ken Doctor    May 16, 2019
This hostile takeover didn’t work out. But the thinking of industry executives remains dominated by the inevitable merging of America’s big newspaper chains.
Laura Hazard Owen    May 16, 2019
“We’ve had a positive response from political parties who now accept that this is how BBC News operates and have been more imaginative in which spokespeople they put up for interview.”
Joshua Benton    May 16, 2019
The Internet has made people more interested in national elections and less interested in local ones. That’s shifted resources, attention, and aspirations to the presidency.
Laura Hazard Owen    May 14, 2019
A deep linguistic analysis finds that newspapers today are a lot like newspapers 30 years ago. But TV news — especially cable news — has ramped up the emotion, the conversationality, and the arguing.
Nicholas Quah    May 14, 2019
Plus: Spotify wants podcasts to be first-class citizens of its app, the state of indie podcast studios, and Howard Stern/Terry Gross is the most ambitious crossover event in history.