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Hanaa' Tameez    Jan. 22, 2020
“What we saw was a tendency to accept almost all images at first glance, regardless of subject area.”
Joshua Benton    Jan. 22, 2020
“Our solutions cannot be limited to asking these platforms to do a better job of meeting their civic obligations — we need to consider what technologies we want and need for digital media to have a productive role in democratic societies.”
Hanaa' Tameez    Jan. 21, 2020
And hopefully to make some good TV along the way. Kary Antholis’ site Crime Story uses “a much more thematic, character-driven way of exploring these stories than how traditional media might pursue.”
Nicholas Quah    Jan. 21, 2020
Plus: new leadership coming to the BBC, a Scottish podcast network debuts, and a Public Radio Palooza.
Danielle Kilgo    Jan. 17, 2020
Not all protests get treated equally. Stories about women’s marches and anti-Trump protests give more voice to the protesters than those about Black Lives Matter and other anti-racism protests.
Laura Hazard Owen    Jan. 17, 2020
Plus: Emphasizing a publisher’s name on social doesn’t seem to impact readers’ misinfo radar much one way or the other.
Joshua Benton    Jan. 16, 2020
MediaReview wants to turn the mishmash vocabulary around manipulated photos and video into something structured.
Hanaa' Tameez    Jan. 16, 2020
One-fifth of the ads on climate misinformation videos were from Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, or other green/environmental groups.
Catherine Adams    Jan. 15, 2020
Audiences want proximity and, perhaps more than ever, humanity. Telling stories in a real physical space can be an antidote to the virtual epidemic.
Ken Doctor    Jan. 14, 2020
The news industry’s own Doctor Octopus has stuck its tentacles deep into another newspaper chain — and it’s unlikely to be dislodged anytime soon.
Nicholas Quah    Jan. 14, 2020
Plus: Morgan Stanley says Spotify has passed Apple, Slow Burn moves from Tupac to David Duke, and: Do you know any good producers?
Laura Hazard Owen and Joshua Benton    Jan. 13, 2020
But comparing grant money to advertisers trying to sway coverage seems a bit much.
Cyril Sam    Jan. 13, 2020
“This category is all about the next round of funding. None have a sustainable business model.”
Denise-Marie Ordway    Jan. 10, 2020
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