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The last 20 posts from the Nieman Journalism Lab, for those who enjoy reverse chronological order.
Laura Hazard Owen    July 2, 2020
Plus: Misinformation around Black Lives Matter protests and an analysis of the most-shared COVID-19 misinformation in Europe.
Joshua Benton    July 1, 2020
The vulture fund may be just fine with waiting a bit longer to make its next move to consolidate the local newspaper industry. Meanwhile, newsrooms wait.
Hanaa' Tameez    July 1, 2020
“The fastest growing demographic in America right now is Asian Americans and, more specifically, South Asian Americans. But when you look at the media coverage that we have, it’s disproportionately low.”
Laura Hazard Owen    June 30, 2020
What Noted is not is a separate, cheaper Wall Street Journal gateway product (we remember you, NYT Now).
Nicholas Quah    June 30, 2020
Plus: A mid-year podcast check-in.
Ken Doctor    June 29, 2020
Tribune and McClatchy are both approaching critical deadlines that could lead to mergers, divisions — or even the first big nonprofit newspaper chain in the United States.
Ken Doctor    June 29, 2020
A giant potential audience isn’t good enough on its own anymore: “It’s time to re-examine all of our relationships with the big platforms.”
Teresa Carr    June 29, 2020
“By having these very loud, usually male, voices in the media touting expertise when they don’t have it, that risks undermining the public trust in science itself.”
Meghna Rao    June 26, 2020
As it turns out, it’s not just news.
Laura Hazard Owen    June 26, 2020
Plus: A look at COVID-19 misinformation in Black online communities, and how conservative media may have made the pandemic worse.
Joshua Benton    June 25, 2020
Google and Facebook are happy to pay for news — as long as it’s on their terms.
Andrea Wenzel and Letrell Crittenden    June 25, 2020
“How to get information out has been a real struggle, because folks might not be on social networks or may not be listening to news.”
Kendra Pierre-Louis    June 24, 2020
“People kept sharing these videos that were coming up and it was unambiguous what was going on. We weren’t looking at a stream of videos of violence erupting or clashes breaking out. We were looking at cops, attacking people.”
Ken Doctor    June 24, 2020
“You want to move your business and your model to the place on the media chessboard where the dollars are going to be going” — the TV money that will follow audiences to streaming.
Nicholas Quah    June 23, 2020
Plus: Spotify tries in-app podcast ads, SiriusXM acquires Simplecast, and a new Apple Podcasts app is coming to phones.
Nicholas Quah    June 23, 2020
“Ultimately, we need to be able to monetize audio in all its platforms, in all its forms. As we think about how to move forward, we want our thinking about podcasts to be something that the entire organization is invested in.”