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The last 20 posts from the Nieman Journalism Lab, for those who enjoy reverse chronological order.
Hanaa' Tameez    Jan. 25, 2024
Disagreements between the LA Times and its Guild over seniority protections ended in more than 60 journalists of color being laid off.
Sophie Culpepper    Jan. 25, 2024
Thanks to a $10 million gift from Craig Newmark Philanthropies announced Thursday, the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY will cover full tuition for half of its class starting in August 2025.
Gretel Kahn    Jan. 25, 2024
Emerging journalists across Europe, North America, and Latin America tell similar stories.
Sophie Culpepper    Jan. 24, 2024
This month, City Cast published guest demographic data for podcasts in its 11 cities and analyzed how that data compared to each local community.
Sarah Scire    Jan. 24, 2024
The “wall to wall” union would represent 50 staffers in departments across the nonprofit newsroom.
Hanaa' Tameez    Jan. 23, 2024
“We are not in turmoil. We have a real plan,” the paper’s owner, billionaire businessman Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, said.
Joshua Benton    Jan. 23, 2024
The tech giant wants to let some app developers make money on the web — but take 27% of the revenue they generate along the way. But publishers should still have access to a better deal.
Sarah Scire    Jan. 22, 2024
“We’re taking the opportunity to remind people that we are an independent, trustworthy news source in the Baltimore region — and they are responding.”
Sarah Scire    Jan. 18, 2024
Roughly one-third of all digital reader revenue at The Guardian now comes from the United States.
Sara Talpos    Jan. 18, 2024
The pandemic brought a massive effort to limit the spread of bad health information. Did it do more harm than good?
Imran Rahman-Jones    Jan. 17, 2024
“It’s quite lazy to say that young people don’t care about news.”
Shafik Quoraishee    Jan. 17, 2024
“Aside from handwriting, there’s also potential for interactive features like ‘scribble-to-erase’ detection, in-app self-training mechanisms, and a whole host of other doors that on-device ML in the Games app can open.”
Joshua Benton    Jan. 16, 2024
Its new owner, Sinclair executive chairman David D. Smith, has pushed local TV news hard to the right. Will he do the same with newspapers — a medium he’s called “so left wing as to be meaningless dribble…so devoid of reality and serving no real purpose”?
Peter Cunliffe-Jones    Jan. 16, 2024
“Misinformation is not like plumbing, a problem you fix. It is a social condition, like crime, that you must constantly monitor and adjust to.”
Jeff Jarvis    Jan. 11, 2024
“The real question at hand is whether artificial intelligence should have the same right that journalists and we all have: the right to read, the right to learn, the right to use information once known.”
Sophie Culpepper    Jan. 10, 2024
“I was not given a reason beyond ‘the company needs a reset, and you’re not part of it.'”
Hanaa' Tameez    Jan. 9, 2024
“Instead of giving a list of URLs that the user can access — which requires more work for the user — we can answer the question they asked.”
Joshua Benton    Jan. 8, 2024
A new study asked thousands to evaluate the accuracy of news articles — both real and fake — by doing some research online. But for many, heading to Google led them farther from the truth, not closer.