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The last 20 posts from the Nieman Journalism Lab, for those who enjoy reverse chronological order.
Joshua Benton    March 27, 2023
Or how to lose $24 billion without even trying.
Dan Gillmor    March 27, 2023
“If posting corrections means a hit to their credibility in the short term, that is a risk they should be willing to take.”
Mark Jacob    March 23, 2023
“In interviews for this story, the harshest position against Fox News among journalism deans seemed to be a sort of double-secret probation.”
Hanaa' Tameez    March 23, 2023
The first book was a risky pick: Poetry.
Laura Hazard Owen    March 22, 2023
The Messenger, which aims to “rekindle your passion for media” and generate $100 million in revenue in its first year, is acquiring Grid.
Laura Hazard Owen    March 21, 2023
“It shouldn’t be that difficult to keep an updated list of when and where and what the meetings are.”
Joshua Benton    March 20, 2023
A massive study of Upworthy headlines — remember Upworthy? — shows how a few emotionally charged words can mean the difference between viral and ignored.
Laura Hazard Owen    March 16, 2023
One Redditor: “I actually enjoy reading my local newspaper when it’s on the Kindle as opposed to the paper’s poorly designed website and frequently broken app.”
Marek Bekerman    March 16, 2023
Can “impartiality” be required from all actors, musicians, scientists, or sport pundits appearing on the BBC without thwarting the principle of free speech?
Leon Yin, The Markup    March 15, 2023
“Especially in circumstances when data is not accessible otherwise, finding an undocumented API can be the key to allowing us to do an investigation — by finding public access to the data.”
Hanaa' Tameez    March 14, 2023
There are at least 24 known prison newspapers in 12 states, and four of them were launched in 2022.
Michael J. Socolow    March 14, 2023
The pervasive amount of news media criticism in the U.S. has intensified the erosion of trust in American journalism, but such discussion can be seen as a sign of democratic health.
Joshua Benton    March 13, 2023
No matter who you see as at fault, it’s evidence of the bad blood keeping this labor action going for 150 days.
Francesco Zaffarano    March 13, 2023
“I picture a Discord server like a room full of chairs and people sitting and talking to each other, while posting on Twitter is like putting up a banner at a corner of a street.”
Joshua Benton    March 9, 2023
It might not be as mustache-twirling a villain as Alden Global Capital, but its enormous scale has meant enormous losses for local journalism.
Sarah Scire    March 8, 2023
“Many nonprofits that pop up are [focused on] long-term investigative reporting … but we need the daily hard-hitting coverage to complement that.”
Hanaa' Tameez    March 7, 2023
Since launching in June 2022, Solving Sacramento has published more than 80 stories on affordable housing and homelessness that are free to all the outlets in the collective to republish.
Mark Coddington and Seth Lewis    March 7, 2023
Plus: The trouble with journalists’ involvement in news literacy programs, soft news as a gateway to propaganda, and social media editors between news and marketing.