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Christine Schmidt    Sept. 19, 2019
The network’s pitch to local funders: “By the time the school reforms reached their zenith, there was not a single local education reporter dedicated to covering them.”
Laura Hazard Owen    Sept. 18, 2019
NYT en Español’s founding editorial director called the decision “extremely short-sighted,” and many others who’d worked on the product or read and followed it expressed their disappointment.
Christine Schmidt    Sept. 18, 2019
“Nonprofit news organizations have much in common even if their scope or mission differs. Their journalistic missions are shaped largely by the gaps they are trying to fill — investigative at the state, national and global level; more general news at the local level.”
Laura Hazard Owen    Sept. 17, 2019
The Correspondent is hiring a total of five full-time journalists.
Nicholas Quah    Sept. 17, 2019
Plus: NPR expects Podcast $$ to surpass Broadcast $$ by next year.
Christine Schmidt    Sept. 13, 2019
“What made us want to watch this for an hour and a half? Their ability to talk through the puzzles made me not only understand the puzzles but find out the answer and get invested.”
Laura Hazard Owen    Sept. 12, 2019
The company has changed its global search algorithm to “highlight articles that we identify as significant original reporting,” and to keep such articles in top positions for longer.
Matthew Weber, Peter Andringa, and Philip M. Napoli    Sept. 12, 2019
“59 percent of the stories we were able to categorize served a critical information need…Aside from critical information needs, 31 percent of stories categorized covered sports and 9 percent were obituaries.”
Laura Hazard Owen    Sept. 11, 2019
Facebook’s News Tab is supposed to launch this fall; the company will pay some news publishers to syndicate their headlines and article previews.
Christine Schmidt    Sept. 11, 2019
“We know journalism cannot bring about change on its own — but it can be a really effective piece of a bigger movement of actors and events that do bring about change.”
Nicholas Quah    Sept. 10, 2019
Plus: New leadership at NPR, Apple App Store drama, and Limetown is coming to the small screen.
shark highway
Christye Sisson    Sept. 10, 2019
Bad videos can be persuasive, too.
Philip Napoli and Jessica Mahone    Sept. 9, 2019
“While local newspapers accounted for roughly 25 percent of the local media outlets in our sample, they accounted for nearly 50 percent of the original news stories in our database.”
Christine Schmidt    Sept. 6, 2019
“The wonderful thing about doing innovation in student newsrooms is that the students don’t say ‘That’s not how we do things here’ or ‘We tried that once and it didn’t work.'”
Laura Hazard Owen    Sept. 5, 2019
You’ll get five free stories a month; after that, you’ll be asked to pay up.
Christine Schmidt    Sept. 5, 2019
Researchers — including KUOW’s executive producer for audience engagement — analyzed the impact of the Ask A series on 113 participants, finding that they increase empathy for and understanding of these other groups.
Emily Goligoski and Marisa Mazria Katz    Sept. 4, 2019
Arranging childcare for work-related travel can be an expensive nightmare. There is a better way.
Christine Schmidt    Sept. 4, 2019
Eighty percent of news outlets surveyed had established unpublishing policies, but almost half of those policies were not in writing and only two percent were shared beyond the newsroom.