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Laura Hazard Owen    Aug. 28, 2015
“Serial had to stay nonfictional. At the end of the show, it didn’t necessarily mean that it had a conclusion. That’s the biggest advantage we have: We’re making it up. So we can give you an ending.”
Joseph Lichterman    Aug. 27, 2015
“We missed the kind of writing it represents. We missed the kind of audience engagement it represents.”
Kevin Lerner    Aug. 27, 2015
Like the media it covers, journalism criticism has moved from the work of a few established institutions to something more diffuse.
1949 aerial photo of Cincinnati
Shan Wang    Aug. 27, 2015
The E.W. Scripps–operated is moving in on’s turf, though both outlets ultimately see the competition as driving richer, deeper journalism for the city and the greater Cincinnati region.
Joshua Benton    Aug. 26, 2015
BuzzFeed has figured out how to make content go viral. Can it figure out how to build community and reach younger audiences with podcasting?
new york daily news cc
Laura Hazard Owen    Aug. 26, 2015
“Believe me, if I was offered full-time people, I would not say no. But people want to be involved, even if it means working extra hours or going to events outside work.”
lightbulb garage cc
Freek Staps    Aug. 25, 2015
Newsrooms large and small have hosted startup-like projects within their walls. Here are some ideas if you want to do the same.
Nicholas Quah    Aug. 25, 2015
“The fact of the matter is: We need to build more spaces and raise more structures that allows for new talent, ideas, and voices to be expressed, cultivated, and discovered.”
Joseph Lichterman    Aug. 24, 2015
Can podcasts maintain the intimacy of host-read ads while automating the advertising process?
Jo Ellen Green Kaiser    Aug. 21, 2015
The head of the Media Consortium argues that, by defining themselves in opposition to mainstream media, independent progressive outlets miss out on the power of ethnic and community journalism.
Madeline Welsh    Aug. 21, 2015
A workshop created by Vox and Spotify brought designers and teens together to brainstorm new possibilities for communication.
Shan Wang    Aug. 20, 2015, the counterpart to the English-language, wants to provide a comprehensive national database of undocumented immigrants killed through interactions with law enforcement.
Justin Ellis    Aug. 20, 2015
With $2.2 million in new funding from Knight, ProPublica will increase its Get Involved network, measure the success of news apps, and hold trainings for journalists.