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The last 20 posts from the Nieman Journalism Lab, for those who enjoy reverse chronological order.
Christine Schmidt    July 27, 2017
“We need to address the sustainability question — like now — and we can’t wait any longer to do it.”
Laura Hazard Owen    July 27, 2017
Other options include going nonprofit or launching a free, ad-supported site.
Katherine Goldstein    July 26, 2017
If news organizations, digital and legacy alike, want to attract and retain millennial journalists, newsrooms must better meet the needs of mothers with young children — and create better work-life balance for everyone.
Ricardo Bilton    July 26, 2017
“If we want to make the case that data is good for democracy, it can’t only be good for democracy for IT people and tech people.”
Nicholas Quah    July 25, 2017
Plus: More paywalled podcasts trickle into the open ecosystem, the speed-listening debate, and Adam Ragusea leaves The Pub.
Christine Schmidt    July 25, 2017
“The Athletic’s subscriber model allows us to focus entirely on high-quality written content. NO ads, NO auto-play videos, NO clickbait.”
Joseph Lichterman    July 25, 2017
“If you are to create community based on transparency, you also have to create community within your organization.”
Joseph Lichterman    July 24, 2017
Check, created by Meedan, has been used around the world, in projects such as Electionland in the U.S. and CrossCheck in France.
Christine Schmidt    July 24, 2017
“Wyoming is a microcosm of a lot of what is happening in America today. It represents a subset of American society that I think we’ve learned you can only ignore at your own risk.”
Anastasia Valeeva    July 21, 2017
Meduza, Snob, TV Rain, BBC Russian, and RT weigh in on their publishing and promotion strategies on the platform, which survived a recent tussle with the country’s communications regulator.
Anastasia Valeeva    July 21, 2017
Медуза, Сноб, Дождь, Русская служба Бибиси и Russia Today рассуждают о том, как привлечь и удержать читателей в Телеграме.
Laura Hazard Owen    July 21, 2017
But also, what if the studies are kinda flawed in the first place?
Joseph Lichterman    July 20, 2017
“The website and the apps are based on the rhythm and structure of the newsletter now.”
Ricardo Bilton    July 20, 2017
“It’s not that I don’t think there’s validity in following the news cycle, but it’s a very competitive space. I don’t think we’re interested in competing in it. We’re interested in creating an experience that’s reflective of the culture, but not reactive to it.”