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Joseph Lichterman    Feb. 11, 2016
“The content type is always messages, and that’s always true whether you’re getting the message inside the app or as a notification.”
Shan Wang    Feb. 11, 2016
Business Insider Deutschland, one of eight other BI editions outside the U.S. and a growing part of the BI “international newsroom,” is doubling its staff and expanding original coverage.
Vertical Video
Joseph Lichterman    Feb. 10, 2016
Some outlets are turning their cameras sideways. Others are cropping horizontally shot video to fit a vertical screen.
Christian Science Monitor The Redirect
Laura Hazard Owen    Feb. 10, 2016
An “antidote approach to news.”
Laura Hazard Owen    Feb. 9, 2016
Branded podcasts want to break out of the traditional intrusive model of advertising: “There are no interruptions for two or three minutes in the middle of a story. There are no top and tail ad breaks. There are no coupon codes.”
Nicholas Quah    Feb. 9, 2016
Plus: Remixing podcast talent to build new shows, Google prepares to enter the market in a big way, and how to avoid “radiosplaining.”
Ken Doctor    Feb. 8, 2016
After a few expensive misfires, the Times is building new products on a smaller, more targeted scale.
Joseph Lichterman    Feb. 8, 2016
The New York Times en Español is the Times’ latest attempt to grow its audience internationally.
Laura Hazard Owen    Feb. 5, 2016
“Instead of asking you to come to us and be part of this massive room of people shouting over each other, you can bring us to you, and have us be, essentially, one more person in your conversation.”
Shan Wang    Feb. 5, 2016
The news site that uses academics as reporters and journalists as editors now boasts 19 paying member universities and is opening up posts in Atlanta (and maybe in the Bay Area).
Shan Wang    Feb. 4, 2016
But: “I’ve tried to be really disciplined about not calling this process just a redesign,” WBUR’s executive editor for digital Tiffany Campbell said. “We’ve built a brand new platform.”
Joseph Lichterman    Feb. 4, 2016
“Video is one of the highest priorities we have. We wanted to make it front and center.”
Photo by Sam Falk. Used with permission from The New York Times.
Shan Wang    Feb. 3, 2016
The Times is grappling with the past, present, and future of its race coverage, encouraging readers to share their own materials and memories and along the way shedding a little light on the journalistic process.
Pulitzer Prize-winning author Gene Roberts speaks at a panel discussion at the Clinton Presidential Library about the 1957 Central High crisis, in Little Rock, Ark., Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2007. (AP Photo/Danny Johnston)
Sydney Finkelstein    Feb. 3, 2016
“Virtually every hire should be part of a long-range master plan of journalistic excellence.”