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The last 20 posts from the Nieman Journalism Lab, for those who enjoy reverse chronological order.
Laura Hazard Owen    Jan. 24, 2017
An extended conversation on the economics of building a career writing on the web today: “Unfortunately, it looks a little grim.”
Nicholas Quah    Jan. 24, 2017
Plus: Panoply grabs some big partners, question marks at Acast, and success in local podcasting through Hearken.
Ricardo Bilton    Jan. 23, 2017
The show is “about understanding the values that we hold and how we want to be — what are our shared hopes and dreams for who we want to be in the world and how are we seen,” says WNYC CEO Laura Walker.
Ricardo Bilton    Jan. 23, 2017
“I never have to consider if a story I run is going to make me take a financial hit. That lack of pressure gives us a huge amount of independence.”
Shan Wang    Jan. 23, 2017
“We’re not alone in trying to compile the numbers, and we’re not alone in trying to track all reports.”
Ken Doctor    Jan. 20, 2017
Readers have finally understood that their payments for the news will actually make a difference in what they and their community know. That model needs to be extended down to states and cities.
Laura Hazard Owen    Jan. 20, 2017
“The primary cleavage in news readership is not liberal vs. conservative. It’s news junkie vs. non-news junkie.”
Joseph Lichterman    Jan. 20, 2017
Plus a look back at some Inauguration Day digital innovations of the recent past.
Laura Hazard Owen    Jan. 19, 2017
The stated mission is big: raising the economic intelligence of the country. “It’s our job to do more of that storytelling, but also to think more about how we are telling the story outside the traditional audience of public radio.”
Joseph Lichterman    Jan. 19, 2017
“By inviting in anybody who covers these things and letting them be participants and part of the conversation, the bar gets raised for everybody.”
Laura Hazard Owen    Jan. 18, 2017
The 109-year-old publication’s digital future will be based around a voice that is “calm and fact-based and fundamentally constructive, and assumes that our readers are looking to have a fundamentally constructive approach to the news.”
Laura Hazard Owen    Jan. 18, 2017
Who needs a ton of words?
Joshua Benton    Jan. 17, 2017
“For all the progress we have made, we still have not built a digital business large enough on its own to support a newsroom that can fulfill our ambitions.” This new internal report outlines how the Times aims to improve its journalism to help do just that.
Joseph Lichterman    Jan. 17, 2017
The Times released the report on Tuesday, and Media Twitter is already dissecting its every word.
Joseph Lichterman    Jan. 17, 2017
Owner Jeff Bezos is also pushing the Post to experiment with more user-friendly video ad formats.
Nicholas Quah    Jan. 17, 2017
Plus: A new call-in radio show aims to bring people together, a new sales partnership for PRX, and the benefits of doubling down on live programming for public radio.
Joseph Lichterman    Jan. 13, 2017
“To recreate it would have been prohibitively expensive for even the most generous philanthropic organization.”