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The last 20 posts from the Nieman Journalism Lab, for those who enjoy reverse chronological order.
Ken Doctor    July 2, 2015
Can publishers find a sustainable business model this new age of Facebook/Apple/Snapchat/Twitter/Google distributed content? And is local news destined to be left behind?
Laura Hazard Owen    July 1, 2015
It turns out that ebook subscription models don’t work very well when people read too much. So what happens next?
Justin Ellis    July 1, 2015
“We no longer look at National Journal simply as a news source, but as a collection of resources, as well as a collection of experts we can turn to on occasion.”
Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave
Joseph Lichterman    July 1, 2015
By creating new products and taking advantage of its extensive archives, HBR’s plan is to both offer more to and ask more of subscribers.
Joshua Benton    June 30, 2015
From digital security to metrics, algorithms to wearables, here’s some of what a bunch of journalists and technologists were thinking about at their recent Helsinki conference.
Laura Hazard Owen    June 30, 2015
From ad viewability and machine learning to journalist burnout and remote work, the conference in Minneapolis brought together some of the smartest news nerds to talk shop.
Laura Hazard Owen    June 26, 2015
This summer, a team of students is testing whether a database-driven, structured journalism model can work well on topics like urban policing and Uber.
Mark Coddington    June 26, 2015
Circa’s backend placed every news event into a broader, branched network of stories — providing a structured vision of the larger narratives that other news organizations might not identify from day-to-day copy.
Ken Doctor    June 25, 2015
From video to social, from mobile to paywalls — these data points help define where we are in the “future of news” today, like it or not.
John Dyer    June 25, 2015
Rather than pointing out solely what’s wrong with the world — think political gridlock, war, terrorism, and catastrophic climate change — solutions journalism aims to show how people are making things better.
Madeline Welsh    June 24, 2015
This new study uses old data, but it gives at least some hope that comment sections might not always be as awful as the reporters writing the stories above them think.
Joseph Lichterman    June 24, 2015
The site was shuttered in April, but new owners plan to start publishing again later this summer — business model TBD.
Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 1.57.56 PM
Madeline Welsh    June 24, 2015
Here’s a look at some of the 24 projects that came out of this year’s Vax.