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Joshua Benton    June 29, 2016
The impact will apparently be “noticeable” and “significant” but “small” and not “humongous.”
Shan Wang    June 29, 2016
“From a purely intellectual, journalistic standpoint, what I think is most fascinating about this is that everybody is more or less covering the same thing, but from their own unique media perspective.”
Shan Wang    June 29, 2016
Details are still scarce, but job listings reveal that it intends to take on everything from video series, feature films, podcasts, photo essays, and “storytelling in other formats and technologies like virtual reality and livestreaming.”
BBC paris attacks video screenshot
Laura Hazard Owen    June 28, 2016
“Even for brands associated with hard news…their top or second videos in terms of Facebook engagement numbers turned out to be animal videos.”
Ken Doctor    June 28, 2016
“What you don’t want is the brands to disappear in some kind of homogenized platform. It’s not just that we don’t want it — I think readers don’t want it. They feel the degree of loyalty.”
Nicholas Quah    June 28, 2016
Plus: Shutting down a podcast after 11 years, Scripps tries out a new model, and Radiotopia picks its finalists.
Jackson Skyline
Joseph Lichterman    June 27, 2016
“Proportionally, we hope to do just as well.”
Ricardo Bilton    June 27, 2016
“The amount of ire and vitriol that has been thrown my way over the past four or five months is a very clear indication that [publishers are] absolutely terrified…If they want my advice on how to do it legally, they can pay me for it.”
Shan Wang    June 24, 2016
Online, readers stayed up for the results: Peak traffic to BBC News, for instance, was around 4 a.m. GMT, and by 11 a.m. had received 88 million page views.
Shan Wang    June 24, 2016
With a new paid subscription option and its sights set on non English-speaking countries, the Swedish podcasting startup is looking for listeners (and shows) beyond the iTunes set.
Medium for Publishers
Laura Hazard Owen    June 23, 2016
What happened when Pacific Standard, The Ringer, The Awl, The Bold Italic, and Femsplain moved their sites over to Medium.
Joseph Lichterman    June 23, 2016
The Dallas program is one of 14 projects that have won grants from the Knight Foundation in the latest round of the Knight News Challenge.
Shan Wang    June 22, 2016
“We were trying to find a balance between a sterile and static map of the club, while not making it look like a video game of a tragic event.”
red cross cc
Laura Hazard Owen    June 22, 2016
“We wanted this to be a frictionless transaction. We don’t require cross-promotion.”
Matt Waite    June 21, 2016
“There are still challenges, and we haven’t even talked about state and local laws that have been piling up while the FAA lumbered toward today. But the future of drones in journalism is much brighter today than it has ever been.”