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The last 20 posts from the Nieman Journalism Lab, for those who enjoy reverse chronological order.
Nicholas Quah    April 25, 2017
Plus: Edison offers up more podcast listener data, DeRay Mckesson teams up with Crooked Media, and Bill O’Reilly clings to his podcast.
Shan Wang    April 25, 2017
14-year-old online job search company Ladders has hired journalists to bolster and burnish its editorial operation, which will try to cover everything from policy to pop culture (as it relates to work, of course).
Ken Doctor    April 25, 2017
“Mobility is a crucial factor in our identity. I believe that sort of fundamental optimism of American identity is running out of gas…That fundamentally shifts our national character.”
Shan Wang    April 25, 2017
“The splash is really the best of our editorial voice…In thinking about who we are, this is the best reflection of it from a product perspective.”
Laura Hazard Owen    April 24, 2017
The crowd-funded news platform aims to combat fake news by combining professional journalism with volunteer fact checking: “news by the people and for the people.”
Ricardo Bilton    April 24, 2017
“I’m afraid that more and more people in news organizations use 360 for stories that are not interesting. Bad content will keep people away from watching it.”
Laura Hazard Owen    April 24, 2017
Staffers insist the Times won’t pander to its Discover audience, but the morning briefing is being reenvisioned as a quick 300-word scan.
Ricardo Bilton    April 24, 2017
“I don’t think earning trust is something you do once and just bank on for a long time.”
Jeff Israely    April 24, 2017
“Ours is a system that neither Adam Smith nor Karl Marx — not even Travis Kalanick — can figure out for us.”
Joseph Lichterman    April 21, 2017
The health and life sciences site is in talks with other newspapers about republishing its coverage in print.
Laura Hazard Owen    April 21, 2017
Plus: The New York Times walks back an extremely popular tweet, California adds media literacy to its curriculum, and the KIND Foundation tries out a “Pop Your Bubble” app that nobody is going to want to use.
Nieman Lab Staff    April 21, 2017
Have ideas for things we should cover? Want to help us cover them? Want to help us translate stories so that they reach more people? Join our new Slack community!
Joseph Lichterman    April 20, 2017
“We want to draw people’s attention to the fact that we cover the entire totality of a deal with the same aggression that we would try to get a scoop.”
Natalia Mazotte    April 20, 2017
“We have a role that is almost like an NGO. We build and open databases, break with the exclusivist paradigm — we even train competitors!”
Laura Hazard Owen    April 19, 2017
Coffeeboy will be on GitHub soon.
Shan Wang    April 19, 2017
Bloomberg Lens, built by the digital agency Postlight Labs, finds companies’ and people’s names in any news article — not just Bloomberg’s — and overlays key facts such as stock prices or a person’s previous company affiliations.
Joseph Lichterman    April 18, 2017
The Globe is the latest paper trying to “once and for all break the stubborn rhythms of a print operation, allowing us to unabashedly pursue digital subscriptions.”
Ken Doctor    April 18, 2017
The Providence Journal has found ways to cooperate with — and benefit from — the successful true-crime podcast.