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The last 20 posts from the Nieman Journalism Lab, for those who enjoy reverse chronological order.
Christine Schmidt    July 19, 2018
He marked his purchase of Chicagoist — formerly part of the media empire of Joe Ricketts, whose family owns the Cubs — by beefing with Crain’s Chicago Business.
Christine Schmidt    July 19, 2018
The podcast has found opportunity with a donors-only Facebook group. Its second-season subject Curtis Flowers is still in prison, on death row — so “giving somebody a mug for donating doesn’t feel right.”
Heather Bryant    July 19, 2018
“It’s going to be a while before we really have an understanding of how we work to combat it beyond the traditional methods that we have used for a few years now.”
Shan Wang    July 18, 2018
No longer will “Prosecutors Say Accused Russian Agent Maria Butina Appeared To Have Ties To Russian Intelligence” live on the same website as “I’m Upset That Travis Scott Doesn’t Know Kylie Jenner’s Dogs’ Names (UGH).”
Rich Gordon    July 18, 2018
The algorithm that ranks content can make some truly strange decisions. What set of signals is Google News looking for?
Shan Wang    July 18, 2018
Not that they can remember the source five minutes later, anyway.
Marlee Baldridge    July 17, 2018
“It’s like a version of C-SPAN for a younger audience.”
Nicholas Quah    July 17, 2018
“I’ve always had a soft spot for print design and aesthetics that have a point of view or opinion. But I’ve been working in tech for quite some time and am just tired of this A/B-tested, data-proven, metric-driven design.”
Nicholas Quah    July 17, 2018
Plus: S-Town gets sued, Spotlight goes audio, and a remarkable new podcast player named Wilson FM.
Laura Hazard Owen    July 16, 2018
A day where clicking to refresh is fun, not panic-inducing.
Judd Slivka    July 13, 2018
Imagine if a news photographer at a football game had to get permission from every single person in the stadium before taking a single shot — or else face hundreds of civil lawsuits. That’s what new model legislation wants to bring to public airspace.
Shan Wang    July 13, 2018
Plus: WeChat now has 1.04 billion monthly active users, shortform video is booming, and a few other significant numbers out of a recent report on the state of the Chinese internet landscape.
Laura Hazard Owen    July 13, 2018
Plus: (Some) researchers can now get access to (some) Facebook data, WhatsApp is funding misinformation research too, and susceptibility to fake news may have more to do with laziness than partisanship.
Marlee Baldridge    July 12, 2018
A bet on live video, a busy news year, and maximizing staff talents let the Alexander City Outlook increase its digital ad revenue 80 percent in a year’s time.
Christine Schmidt    July 12, 2018
Pulse, a project launched by Sarah Alvarez and Andrew Haeg, aims to help news organizations text their communities to find out.
Laura Hazard Owen    July 11, 2018
“‘Leadership structure’ isn’t a very Wiki phrase.”
Per Westergaard and Søren Schultz Jørgensen    July 11, 2018
“Our angle on the current state of journalism is this: The crisis of journalism and legacy news media is structural, and not just a matter of technological challenges or broken business models.”