Twitter  “A news company is not a nuclear power plant. We can experiment. It’s not a matter of life or death.”  
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Joseph Lichterman    July 27, 2016
“Now we are in the process, with our new data platforms, of analyzing clusters of users and identifying which cluster has a higher likelihood to convert to a paying subscriber.”
Shan Wang    July 27, 2016
Shifting the focus to digital was hardly just a business decision, though: “Really, this was pretty much the only source that could help us go through.”
Hasit Shah    July 26, 2016
Vice is only the latest American or British publisher to seek out an Indian partner — in its case the Times Group — for reasons that combine local knowledge and legal restrictions.
Nicholas Quah    July 26, 2016
Plus: Using TV’s playbook to pitch podcasts to advertisers, moving from magazines into audio, and a Slack experiment aims to make Gimlet’s core listeners feel engaged.
Shan Wang    July 25, 2016
It’s building on its in-house analytics dashboard, Stela, with the goal of making audience engagement data easy to find, simple to understand, and even fun to use.
Ricardo Bilton    July 25, 2016
“The general question we presented everyone with was: What does it look like to build our brands and do storytelling on all of these new places?”
Taylyn Washington-Harmon    July 22, 2016
“The results have been worth the efforts and have driven listeners in the thousands to the app.”
Ken Doctor    July 22, 2016
As Fox’s Dr. Frankenstein exits right, the Murdochs are left to reboot their wounded cable news leader.
Ricardo Bilton    July 21, 2016
“We’re selecting stories very carefully based on what we think readers there want to read. We’re not just copying and pasting.”
Joseph Lichterman    July 21, 2016
From Texas to Wyoming, outlets are keeping an eye on the markets.
Joseph Lichterman    July 20, 2016
Sometimes it’s a response to a public emergency; sometimes it’s just to build audience.
Joshua Benton    July 20, 2016
Instead of hassling your neighbor’s cousin’s friend who works at Twitter, you can now get rejected via form email.