Twitter  Swiss publisher @Tamedia is trying to attract a paying audience with an app sampling stories across publications  
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Joseph Lichterman    May 27, 2016
Tamedia’s 12-App collects the 12 best stories each day from the company’s 20-plus publications.
Shan Wang    May 27, 2016
“We’ve gone down lots of experimental rabbit holes.”
Shan Wang    May 26, 2016
“We have a potential of six million readers. You may not convince all six million people to be your socios, but if you learn more about their interests, you can get closer.”
Ricardo Bilton    May 25, 2016
“It’s very easy today to be click-driven and produce articles that don’t have a lot of substance or depth and don’t cost that much to produce, but that dynamic is disappointing for fans who want higher-quality content.”
Nicholas Quah    May 24, 2016
Plus: Parsing the RadioPublic announcement; premium podcast subscriptions; Bill Simmons oversimplifies things.
Joseph Lichterman    May 23, 2016
It is the “center of a Venn diagram” between BuzzFeed Motion Pictures and BuzzFeed News.
Ricardo Bilton    May 23, 2016
“People come to learn with us because they want something that feels Times-ean in the experience.”
Penn State sophomore Nikki Greene (54) and Dayton junior Casey Nance (22) go up for the tip at the start of the teams'g match held in the Bryce Jordan Center during the first round of the 2011 NCAA Women's Basketball Championship on Saturday, March 19. Penn State won the game 75-66.
Joseph Lichterman    May 20, 2016
Launched last fall by a team of investors and writers, TipOff has attracted 50,000 subscribers.
Shan Wang    May 20, 2016
“Say a member is talking about a mining problem in his or her community. We open this up: This mining company is linked to issues in another reporter’s country — why don’t you work together?”
Tarleton Gillespie    May 19, 2016
“Trends are not the same as news, but Facebook kinda wants them to be.”
Shan Wang    May 19, 2016
“Building an app is just the tip of the iceberg.”