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Nieman Lab Wire

The last 20 posts from the Nieman Journalism Lab, for those who enjoy reverse chronological order.
Christine Schmidt    June 22, 2017
“I’m keeping in mind that there are actually people reading these stories who are relying on us for information.”
Laura Hazard Owen    June 21, 2017
The Reuters Institute’s annual report on digital news contains some surprises.
Richard Fletcher and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen    June 21, 2017
“The central fear, as Eli Pariser has put it, is that ‘news-filtering algorithms narrow what we know.’ This, at least, is the theory.”
Ricardo Bilton    June 21, 2017
“We’re always asking: How do I know that I’m not wasting my time on a platform by chasing vanity metrics? If we focus on traffic, we miss quality.”
Sam Ford and Federico Rodríguez Tarditi    June 21, 2017
How do you keep a focus on issues that may be “No. 6 on the list”? How do you make sustained progress on the things that may not impact the bottom line this quarter, but are important for the medium term?
Nicholas Quah    June 20, 2017
Plus: How Apple’s changes will affect branded podcasts; what podcast publishers need to know about talent agencies; a new resource for Spanish-language producers.
Christine Schmidt    June 20, 2017
“There’s a lot of context around last summer and Ferguson. This was so much more violent and widespread. I thought it would be interesting to let that unfold to readers, to get a sense of that intensity with how the story is published.”
Joseph Lichterman    June 19, 2017
Combining individual stories and actionable information, the East Boston, Nuestra Casa project attempts to inform and educate the Latino community in East Boston.
Laura Hazard Owen    June 19, 2017
“We wanted to reach an audience we’re not reaching as well as we could.”
Ricardo Bilton    June 16, 2017
The veterans-focused site, born out of a jobs board, is expanding beyond its original conception with original reporting, a growing staff of full-time writers, and its own revenue streams.
Laura Hazard Owen    June 16, 2017
Plus: Can machine learning fix (some of) the fake news problem? And Facebook wants you to help it answer some hard questions.
Christine Schmidt    June 15, 2017
Matter focused on five areas in selecting its new class: diversity and inclusion, security, emerging technology, trust in media, and going beyond advertising.
Ricardo Bilton    June 15, 2017
“It is a problem that is affecting fundamental human rights of all Mexicans — the right to freedom of expression, the rights to access information.”