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The last 20 posts from the Nieman Journalism Lab, for those who enjoy reverse chronological order.
Shan Wang    April 29, 2016
“From the very beginning it was very clear we needed to cover all the same concerns and sensibilities of the print Journal even though we were online and even though we were a young staff.”
Ken Doctor    April 29, 2016
“Think about platforms as fishing places where you can find large, engaged audiences and build a relationship with them by providing content. Then offer these users some other services off-platform.”
locked door padlock closed shut shuttered shutdown
Ricardo Bilton    April 28, 2016
With its HTTPS implementation, Wired’s starting with its security vertical and for users who pay for the ad-free version of the site.
Ricardo Bilton    April 28, 2016
“It’s a story which is all about space and the environment you’re in. Even though this is a small space, the story is all about that space.”
Ricardo Bilton    April 27, 2016
“This is the Internet and the Internet is weird. It’s always been weird. Especially when there’s a new format like this, the weirdness comes out.”
Joseph Lichterman    April 27, 2016
“Our idea was that we were going to create one of these things in a classic format and see if there was enough interest to sustain it.”
Ricardo Bilton    April 26, 2016
“Part of the appeal here is that this an unexpected combination. But I think we’d argue that we’re not that different,” said Economist deputy editor Tom Standage.
Nicholas Quah    April 26, 2016
Plus: Podcasts as time-shifted cable TV; MTV News launches its first podcasts; Postloudness moves beyond Mailchimp.
Ken Doctor    April 25, 2016
How big would Gannett become? Is resistance futile?
circuit breaker
Laura Hazard Owen    April 25, 2016
The Verge is launching a new gadget blog that is built for Facebook. (Articles will also run on The Verge’s website.)
vox video
Laura Hazard Owen    April 22, 2016
“I made one rule starting out: No desks.”
Ricardo Bilton    April 21, 2016
“We have so many friends in this city doing great things, but there hasn’t been the right platform for them to break through.”
Shan Wang    April 21, 2016
As the news site looks to subscription possibilities, BI Intelligence, the “little startup within a startup,” has collected about 5,000 paying subscribers and is eyeing opportunities outside the U.S.
Shan Wang    April 20, 2016
Including better support for paywalled sites, richer ad formats, and ways for publishers to direct readers elsewhere on their site from within an AMP article.
Kaitlyn Mullin    April 20, 2016
The students traveled to Houston over spring break to shoot footage to accompany a ProPublica/Texas Tribune project on what a hurricane could do to the city.