Twitter  BuzzFeed is separating its entertainment and news divisions, pushing both further into video  
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Joseph Lichterman    Aug. 30, 2016
News is one of the device’s core features, and there are two main ways — so far — that outlets have utilized Alexa: The Flash Briefing and skills.
Joshua Benton    Aug. 30, 2016
“It is meant as a resource for other journalists and a trove to explore for our many readers fascinated by original documents.”
Joseph Lichterman    Aug. 24, 2016
Gannett owns two college newspapers in Florida — it’s closed one and cutting costs at the other.
Shan Wang    Aug. 23, 2016
“By following the lead of our employees to create content that is digital first, it frees them up from the sameness of format that is plaguing local television news.”
Joseph Lichterman    Aug. 23, 2016
Having faced some difficulties with an earlier era’s attempts in large non-English markets, the Times is turning its focus next to more familiar territory.
Nicholas Quah    Aug. 23, 2016
Plus: Vox Media’s making moves in audio, more podcast/broadcast partnerships, and the importance of sound design.
Joseph Lichterman    Aug. 22, 2016
From Facebook-only verticals to Telegram bots to an in-house Snapchat imitator, Juanfutbol is trying to thread the needle between social distribution and site loyalty.
Ann Marie Lipinski    Aug. 19, 2016
The Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard wants to hear your idea for making journalism better. Come spend a few weeks working on it in Cambridge. Deadline: October 14.
Ricardo Bilton    Aug. 19, 2016
“There’s a thematic through-line and a coherence that you get from reading the intro and the email all the way through. This is not something you’re going to create by just sending out a email RSS feed or using an algorithm.”
Shan Wang    Aug. 18, 2016
A dozen producers from BuzzFeed are working around the clock to curate the channel, with access to NBC footage.
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Taylyn Washington-Harmon    Aug. 18, 2016
How the perceived lack of authenticity in women’s magazines is leading readers (and writers) to personal newsletters.
Shan Wang    Aug. 17, 2016
“Those who comment are not wholly representative of the overall NPR audience.”