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Ricardo Bilton    Dec. 2, 2016
“NPR’s capacity is really in news and the spoken word, and it’s very active on the cultural side, but not organized around music. There was a sense we either needed to work with each other or have a hard time competing at all.”
Laura Hazard Owen    Dec. 2, 2016
Following the success of Twelve Thirty Six, Toronto Life is looking more closely at email newsletters as standalone products.
Shan Wang    Dec. 1, 2016
The platform is focusing on two major themes — disinformation campaigns in Eurasia and the migrant crisis in Germany — and focusing on larger character-driven narratives.
Laura Hazard Owen    Dec. 1, 2016
“I believe very powerfully in the public service of journalism — I just think we have to quit being delusional about what it takes to build a business around that.”
Ricardo Bilton    Nov. 30, 2016
“The world has a lot more witnesses now, and we can’t be at everything. Our tool helps shift some of the burden of witnessing and lets journalists do much more of the high value-added work.”
Joseph Lichterman    Nov. 30, 2016
The Oklahoma-based investigative site had about 750 subscribers paying $30 a month.
Nicholas Quah    Nov. 29, 2016
Plus: Podcast ad blindness, growth in the potential market for Audible Channels, and how audio ad dollars are seeking scale.
Shan Wang    Nov. 29, 2016
The Quartz Bot Studio (which the publication intends to maintain after the grant funding is used up) will develop new bots for messaging platforms like Slack and voice interfaces like Amazon Echo or Google Home.
Ken Doctor    Nov. 28, 2016
Canada’s press woes are bad enough unto themselves, but they also serve as a sign of earlier winter for the U.S. press.
Joseph Lichterman    Nov. 28, 2016
More than 450 reporters from 250 outlets across the country have published over 300 stories as part of the Electionland project.
Ricardo Bilton    Nov. 28, 2016
The reporter will be charged with forging relationships with readers and using their feedback to help drive The Texas Tribune’s coverage.
Joseph Lichterman    Nov. 23, 2016
Antenna allows readers to react to stories with pre-set emotions, and the company is expanding into e-commerce.
Shan Wang    Nov. 22, 2016
“The individuals who pay us every year are the readers who are going to count most in our world.”
Nicholas Quah    Nov. 22, 2016
“The competition is getting tougher, and the top is crowded by podcasts that have teams and systems behind them. This is good in some ways!”
Shan Wang    Nov. 21, 2016
Its ambitions are three-pronged: improving show discovery, improving how (and how deeply) listeners engage with their favorite shows, and improving channels through which show creators can make money.
Joseph Lichterman    Nov. 21, 2016
“We wanted to find out more about what NPR could offer for kids.”