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The last 20 posts from the Nieman Journalism Lab, for those who enjoy reverse chronological order.
Laura Hazard Owen    May 23, 2017
(Want the break to be longer? Sorry.)
C.W. Anderson    May 23, 2017
From the “hermeneutics of quantum gravity” to the “conceptual penis,” attempted hoaxes tell us that our contemporary problems around truth are both cultural and structural.
Laura Hazard Owen    May 23, 2017
The content subscription site is adding content from newspapers like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.
Shan Wang    May 22, 2017
“Generally, we try to get to ‘yes’ faster than we try to get to ‘no.‘”
Padraic Ryan    May 22, 2017
“The example of France shows it is possible to curtail [misinformation] campaigns. But to do so, newsrooms need to move the discussion out of the realm of the theoretical and into the practical.”
Joseph Lichterman    May 19, 2017
So why’d the Times make your phone buzz twice Tuesday afternoon? The inspiration was threaded tweets.
Laura Hazard Owen    May 19, 2017
Plus: A new report on the many types of trolls, and what happens when fact and fiction get blended together.
Laura Hazard Owen    May 18, 2017
“Some nonprofits do good journalism but don’t solve a problem faced by commercial news outlets.”
Ricardo Bilton    May 18, 2017
Streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are desperate for more content and are willing to pay for it. A new offshoot of Berkeley’s investigative journalism program is trying to take advantage of that.
Joseph Lichterman    May 17, 2017
“I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t have huge ambitions for this — especially after I have a little bit of a messiah complex now about how we have to save tennis from itself.”
Laura Hazard Owen    May 17, 2017
“We don’t want this to be a headline about ‘X number of jobs were lost this year in journalism.’ We kinda know that, unfortunately.”
Nicholas Quah    May 16, 2017
Plus: StartUp is becoming a TV show, Audible’s Ponzi Supernova gets released into the wild, and the semantics of windowing.
Mariana Marcaletti    May 16, 2017
“Verne has brought changes to the way we think about information at El País, and how we frame stories to make sure they have an impact on social platforms.”