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Last Night at School Committee distills hours-long public meetings into half-hour podcast episodes
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The Cut / Noreen Malone / Oct 29
“It’s also not that much of an outlier, as inclined as its critics may be to regard the Skimm as some unique degradation. Many more people now get their view of the world not through the original reporting source but some kind of ‘value added’ digest, newsletter or otherwise. Bryan Curtis, the editor-at-large of the Ringer, who writes about the press, says that the tone of the newsletter — like that of Twitter — is best understood as post–Daily Show, which almost everything else is now too: ‘Serious news item plus knowing summary plus pop-culture reference. That’s the grammar we now process news in.’ Sites like Vox — which proudly caters to wonks in bone-dry prose — also do patient, from-the-beginning explainers. In other words, the objections to the Skimm are more aesthetic than political.”