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April 6, 2020
“I’ve done ethics in journalism for 20 years and here’s what I’ve learned: All money is dirty. There is nothing purer about donated money, foundation money, advertising money, sponsorship money or government money. That’s why we need ethics.”
Poynter / Kelly McBride / Apr 6
“Mr. Zucker’s CNN is taking TV news in the other direction, toward reality television and Instagram, winning trust through the projection of a rough-cut realness. The Cuomos aren’t just feeling your pain. You’re feeling theirs.”
New York Times / Ben Smith / Apr 6
“The newspaper industry seems to think that public service can’t coexist with revenue. That’s a mistake — at a time when the beleaguered industry can’t afford to make one. We do provide an important public service, but why can’t a public service business be, well, in business?”
Poynter / Howard Saltz / Apr 6
Delay the launch of an $1.8 billion investment because of the global pandemic? No way. “This is either going to be a massive home run or a massive swing and miss.”
New York Times / Nicole Sperling / Apr 6
“The companies that have continued to advertise are treading lightly as they try to find a way to keep customers aware of their products while acknowledging the pandemic. Kentucky Fried Chicken reacted to the changed atmosphere last month by canceling a British commercial, set to a Chopin nocturne, that showed dozens of people eating chicken and licking their fingers.”
New York Times / Tiffany Hsu / Apr 6
“Patrons can purchase a digital ticket, most of which cost around $12, giving them access to a link that is available for a few days. In short, the practice a lot like the streaming and on-demand entertainment that exhibitors have adamantly resisted for the last decade. But given the unprecedented times, theater owners are looking at it as a possible salvation — for now.”
Variety / Rebecca Rubin / Apr 6
“While the company has said that everyone must play their part, Jim Mullen, the chief executive, and Simon Fuller, the chief financial officer, were paid almost £300,000 in bonuses for 2019 at the end of last month. In addition, late last month the pair were given shares worth £1.18m.” The company has said its print and digital publications will continue “without interruption.”
The Guardian / Mark Sweney / Apr 6
“McBride’s role as NPR’s public editor will be supported by researchers and editors from both organizations, significantly expanding the public editor’s ability to respond to audience concerns and suggestions.”
Poynter / Tina Dyakon / Apr 6
April 3, 2020
The Tow Center for Journalism at Columbia is trying to keep track of all the newsroom cuts happening during the pandemic. HT
Tow Center / Apr 3
The cuts came “even though more people are actually reading their stories. In fact, on a single day in March, the number of pageviews for the Examiner was 6,000 times higher than normal.”
KQED / Devin Katayama, Ericka Cruz Guevarra, and Alan Montecillo / Apr 3