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This newspaper ruined everyone’s night by sending a premature push notification about the winner of Jeopardy!
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January 27, 2022
“Using tens of thousands of court records, The Marshall Project is exploring the lopsided outcomes in Cuyahoga County’s court system – including why 75% of incarcerated people convicted in Cuyahoga County are Black.”
Testify / Jan 27
“A source previously told me that if marketers buy ads on Rogan, they have to buy ads on the rest of Spotify’s catalog, too, meaning Rogan’s success brings more advertisers to the rest of Spotify’s investments. Without him, Spotify has Call Her Daddy and Armchair Expert, but neither reaches Rogan’s scale. It’s easy to see why Spotify didn’t cave so easily.”
The Verge / Ashley Carman / Jan 27
“This phenomenon has been painful for members of the diaspora, who say they’re eager to discuss issues such as Islamophobia, casteism, and homophobia, but know they may face intense backlash — including from their own relatives — for doing so.”
Teen Vogue / Siri Chilukuri / Jan 27
“Overall, 37% of U.S. adults say they are following news about the coronavirus outbreak very closely. That is up from 31% in March 2021 and back to the level of interest seen in fall and winter of 2020 – a time when cases were increasing, businesses faced closures and many schools returned to virtual learning.”
Pew Research Center / Amy Mitchell and Jacob Liedke / Jan 27
“It’s the rules themselves that are bad, and they have been for decades. They’ve rewarded political reporters, and especially TV reporters, for turning White House press availabilities and press conferences into opportunities to perform rather than inquire. The introduction into the White House press corps of right-wing crackpots like Chanel Rion of the conspiracy-mongering One America News Network made things worse, but they were pretty bad already.”
The New Republic / Timothy Noah / Jan 27
“[Newsletters and podcasts] cater to subscribers who seek out specific content that accommodates their viewpoints — potentially making the services less responsible for spreading harmful views, some misinformation experts say. At the same time, the platforms are exposing tens of thousands of people to misinformation each month — content that can potentially lead people to engage in behaviors that endanger themselves and others.”
The Washington Post / Elizabeth Dwoskin / Jan 27
“…next month I am moving to the Culture desk, tackling a beat about how disputes over politics and ideas shape arts and culture, and vice versa.”
Twitter / Marc Tracy / Jan 27
“The company closed the year with more than 300,000 paid digital-only subscriptions, an increase of 100,000 or 50% from the year before. It is targeting 100,000 more this year.”
Poynter / Rick Edmonds / Jan 27
“Eight former and current Root staffers told Gawker that management seemed to want less of the overtly provocative work its writers were known for in favor of ‘a softer, gentler, more upbeat site,’ with an emphasis on entertainment, fewer swear words, a blurrier relationship with advertisers, and stories like, as one source put it: ‘This Girl Applied For 17 Scholarships And Got Into Three Ivy League Schools.'”
Gawker / Tarpley Hitt / Jan 27
“Rather than selectively engage childcare as an add-on or afterthought to those legacy beats, the time has come to make childcare its own beat.”
Columbia Journalism Review / Haley Swenson and Rebecca Gale / Jan 27