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September 25, 2022
The four winners of General Excellence in Online Journalism: Mission Local, The Trace, LAist, and The Boston Globe.
Online Journalism Awards / Sep 25
“During the trial, lawyers for Project Veritas portrayed the operation as news gathering and its employees as journalists following the facts.”
The New York Times / Adam Goldman / Sep 25
“Her decision came hours after NPR’s chief executive, John Lansing, announced the creation of a new position that will oversee all of NPR’s programming…The new chief content officer position would have effectively created another tier of management over Barnes, who previously reported directly to Lansing.”
The Washington Post / Paul Farhi / Sep 25
“Most Western democracies like the United States have avoided policing the internet because of free speech rights, leaving a sea of slurs, targeted harassment and tweets telling public figures they’d be better off dead. At most, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter remove a post or suspend their account. But over the past several years, Germany has forged another path, criminally prosecuting people for online hate speech.”
The New York Times / Adam Satariano and Christopher F. Schuetze / Sep 25
“Take a long-held truth in newsrooms that journalists should cover political stories from a position of equivalence between the two major parties. But what if the truth of our current time strikes at the very bedrock notion of apolitical fairness?”
Steady / Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner / Sep 25
“This is sad. Cutting two pages of comics down to a measly half page bad enough, but then you go and waste that tiny bit of real estate with comics that are reprints…Just kill the section entirely if this is the best you can do.”
The Washington Post / Michael Cavna / Sep 25
The new owners also own Salon and TV Tropes; Snopes cofounder David Mikkelson is out as CEO.
Snopes Media Group / Sep 25
“With its odd, priestly culture, the court is particularly susceptible to this sort of veneration. Could you imagine a congressional reporter doing a book called Dinners With Harry Reid, tracing shopping excursions and intimate family moments with the late majority leader, who died the year after Ginsburg? I’m not saying Totenberg has to treat the justices as if they were venal, low-wattage members of the Palookaville ward-politics machine. But it’d be nice if she held open the possibility — a hard thing to do when you’re pals.”
Politico / Michael Schaffer / Sep 25
“According to data TikTok provided to BuzzFeed News, searches for NyQuil chicken rose significantly following the FDA’s announcement and its subsequent media coverage, from five on 14 September to around 7,000 by 21 September.”
The Guardian / Dani Anguiano / Sep 25
“Sweaty attempts to juice book sales and get on bestseller lists are nothing new in publishing. As The Guardian wrote in 2020, there have been numerous recent instances of authors or their proxies ordering copies of books in order to boost their numbers.”
Defector / Laura Wagner / Sep 25