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October 3, 2023
“Traffic referrals to the top global news sites from Meta’s Facebook and X, formerly Twitter, has collapsed over the past year, according to data from Similarweb.”
Axios / Sara Fischer / Oct 3
“Pope, who has served as editor and publisher of the Columbia Journalism Review since 2016, will step into his new role at CCNow as Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives on October 16, 2023. Pope helped launch CCNow four years ago with co-founder Mark Hertsgaard.”
Covering Climate Now / Oct 3
“Were a phony clip of President Biden’s voice to go viral next year, it seems likely that it would generate wide media coverage, blunting its ability to fool listeners. But some fakes might prove convincing anyway, particularly if they lend (false) evidence to voters’ pre-existing biases.”
Platformer / Casey Newton / Oct 3
“Millions of EU users rely on online platforms to remove content that violates community standards. But Article 17 of this proposed law deviates from the important principle that online platforms shouldn’t be forced to host any content and instead provides special privileged treatment to certain media outlets…Ultimately, this approach leaves it to online platforms to decide the status of a wide range of media actors.”
TechCrunch / Christoph Schmon and Paige Collings / Oct 3
“An ad agency called X Social Media alleges that the company formerly known as Twitter has caused marketplace confusion and lost revenue.”
The Verge / Wes Davis / Oct 3
“TikTok confirmed to TechCrunch it’s testing this product but only in a single, English-speaking market outside the U.S. It disputed the Android Authority report that said it was coming to the U.S. as small-scale tests don’t indicate a product launch is inevitable.”
TechCrunch / Kyle Wiggers / Oct 3
“The proposal is a gambit by Meta to navigate European Union rules that threaten to restrict its ability to show users personalized ads without first seeking user consent—jeopardizing its main source of revenue.”
The Wall Street Journal / Sam Schechner / Oct 3
“Several journalists and contributors to the site said police seized their phones and laptops during the operation early on Tuesday, which came amid escalating India-China tensions following a stand-off on the countries’ shared Himalayan border.”
The Financial Times / John Reed and Jyotsna Singh / Oct 3
“The UK’s Independent Publishers Alliance is urging its members to block crawling access for OpenAI and Google as soon as possible while an AI strategist told Press Gazette it is a ‘tricky time’ for publishers – especially if they are expected to opt out of each generative AI company separately.”
Press Gazette / Charlotte Tobitt / Oct 3
“Last year, Brown was promoted to oversee a new global media partnerships team at the company, broadening her role to oversee the company’s relationships with leagues, film studios, streamers and more as Meta began to exit the news business.
Axios / Sara Fischer / Oct 3