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Votebeat will cover local election administration as a permanent newsroom
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Archives: December 2021

“Whether they center their reporting on elected officials or everyday Americans, journalists are faced with a nearly impossible choice when it comes to the Republican Party.” Shannon McGregor and Carolyn Schmitt
“Data can trick us into repeating the same patterns because they satisfy our current audience — instead of helping us build a larger or more deeply engaged one.” Francesco Zaffarano
“It might let you glimpse that almost imperceptible frown on your source’s face when you ask a question.” Alice Antheaume
“It’s not hard to imagine that many in the next generation of challengers to established digital media players like BuzzFeed and Vox Media will be DAOs.” Daniel Eilemberg
“We’ll mitigate the risks of our often uneasy relationships with Facebook, Google, and Apple by further doubling down on diversifying our audience sources and cultivating direct relationships with readers.” Sarah Marshall
“Issues of care extend not just to newsrooms but also to how we do the news; our audiences are suffering, too.” An Xiao Mina
“Maybe it’s the pandemic, maybe it’s just a pendulum swinging back, but data suggests people are moving in the direction of more finite forms of news in their diets.” Tamar Charney
“Today’s audio documentaries are allergic to rhythm and obsessed with a hero’s narrative.” James Green
“Journalism is a team sport. We rely on each other to help us best reflect a complicated world and to wrestle with the most accurate versions of a variety of perspectives in good faith.” Joy Mayer
“Direct publishing through conversational platforms offers a mobile-native, highly interactive experience in apps and interfaces that most people are using every day.” Tom Trewinnard