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How to b-e-e of use: Signal Cleveland hosts second annual community spelling contest
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Archives: December 2021

“In the face of climate collapse, it’s time for the North to start looking South — and learn from its people and journalists.” Natalia Viana
“If money and criminality know no boundaries, then why should journalism?” Raney Aronson-Rath
“To grow talent, news organizations need to invest in creating fertile ground for emerging journalists to do their best — and to make occasional mistakes.” Doris Truong
“We’ll see more attacks on public institutions — libraries, universities, school boards, news organizations. They’ll be hard to parse and hard to think about as connected.” Melody Kramer
“The gravitational pull toward the grave remains rather ferocious. But what’s exciting is that there are many seeds being sown, watered, and tended to in the bottom loop — the emergent system.” Jennifer Brandel
“Old journalism will be swept away and replaced by newer, younger, more diverse journalism that looks like my students.” Robert Hernandez
“To be truly impactful, any such coalition should be built to put the people and communities most affected in decision-making roles and also focus on policy and systems change.” Stefanie Murray
“‘Too hard’ isn’t an acceptable answer in a college classroom, much less from some of the smartest technically minded people in the world.” Nikki Usher
“There’s nothing wrong with for-profit as long as your company isn’t interested only in profit.” Larry Ryckman
“Newsrooms won’t find the key to any of this in their analytics.” Ariel Zirulnick