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Predictions for Journalism 2012

To close out 2011, we asked some of the smartest people we know to predict what 2012 will bring for the future of journalism.

Nicholas Carr    
Versioning, the software business standby, is making its way into journalism’s business practices.
Dave Winer    
Culture and technology have an interwoven future; we need a tech press, the web pioneer argues, that can do justice to both.
Carrie Brown-Smith    
From local TV to journalism co-ops, 2012 may be a banner year for the local news ecosystem.
Martin Langeveld    
Keeping Martin Honest: the 2012 edition.
Dan Gillmor    
The forces that seek to control the free flow of information are bigger than ever, the blogging pioneer argues — and a direct threat to journalism and innovation.
Robert Hernandez    
If I can trust you to tell me what’s going on, then I don’t care if you work out of a newsroom or out of your garage.
Emily Bell    
As the fourth estate goes digital, Columbia’s Tow Center director argues, it will question its reliance on third-party platforms.
Dan Kennedy    
Paywalls may become more popular in 2012; that doesn’t mean they’ll be enough to save a flailing industry.
Paul Bradshaw    
Also: Say goodbye to the homepage as we know it. The future is streaming.
Steve Buttry    
With a bonus bold prediction for 2012: Gene Weingarten will write a disapproving column about the changing news business that is funny but dead wrong.
Vadim Lavrusik    
A big question for the coming year: How will the right communities get the right kind of news?
The Editors    
Predictions from Brian Boyer, Joy Mayer, Kevin Kelly, Sree Sreenivasan, and more.
Rex Sorgatz    
The media entrepreneur shares a vision of Lower Left Coast domination.
Burt Herman    
In the real-time news cycle, social media can — and should — be about much more than conversation.
Tim Carmody    
In 2012, we’re due for a great leap forward in mobile reading.
Gina Masullo Chen    
News has always been about making choices among lots of information; technology just helps us make those choices more smartly.
Amy Webb    
The digital strategist shares the big tech trends we can expect to emerge in the coming year.
Ken Doctor    
Kred Kurrency, Billionaire Bingo, and The Socializer: You may not have them on your iPhone, but you’ll feel their effects in 2012.
Alfred Hermida    
…And that’s when social media will also get really interesting.
Joshua Young    
“Focus on the user and all else will follow”? There’s more to it than that.
Clara Jeffery    
The MoJo co-editor on why “there’s no better time to be an investigative journalist”
Keli Goff    
Voices that would not have been widely read or heard just years ago are now helping to define mainstream conversations.
Rachel Sklar    
The cultural critic on what 2012 will bring for branding, diversity, and serendipity…and what hipster angels have to do with the media’s future.