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Google tests removing the News tab from search results
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Stories on Aggregation & Discovery

“I think the streaming economy has brought on a lot of paralysis of choice. When you can listen to (almost) anything with one click, where do you even begin?”
“We aren’t, and do not want to be, like the traditional radio stations in Mexico.”
Some of the funding will go to form a “studio” within the American Journalism Project; the rest will go to about 10 of AJP’s grantees.
A shift to AI-generated search results will decrease the traffic that Google sends to publishers’ sites, as more people get what they need straight from the Google search page instead.
OptOut aims to be a daily news app “100% free from corporate media narratives.”
“The media treating Twitter like an assignment editor is one of the fundamental errors that enabled meme warriors to play everyone.”
“We just want to be able to tweet onto our own website.”
When newsrooms, especially local ones, are strapped for engineering resources, the Berkeley students fill in a gap to help journalists complete more ambitious data projects.