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Fewer grants, more risks: Four rules for nonprofit journalism funders, from the former president of ProPublica
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“As someone who’s done the research, seen all the numbers, I can tell you that things are simply not changing quickly enough to present real, concrete progress.”
With more than 50 participating newsrooms led by The Daily Yonder and the agribusiness-focused Investigate Midwest, the multi-year effort will be the nonprofit group’s largest collaboration ever.
Of the 73 editors-in-chief at award-winning college newsrooms in the Spring 2021 semester, less than 6% were Black, and approximately 10% were Latinx — significantly less than their share of the college population.
In the three weeks leading up to my kid’s first day of class, there were literally zero stories in the News & Observer about most back-to-school matters in Durham. There were tons of stories about mask fights and an escaped cobra.
“Our theory about how you build trust in information is to help people access it on their own.”
Data visualization can help people grasp the challenges that lie ahead.
The HBO miniseries is about the unreality of wealth, but Rachel ends up being one of the most relatable portrayals of contemporary news media to date.
An online group of journalists is pushing the industry beyond surface-level representation — one tweet at a time.
Facing harassment, abuse, and even assault, many women journalists say they’re standing alone.
The Continent has now published 53 editions and has more than 11,000 subscribers a week who receive the publication for free.