Nieman Foundation at Harvard
The Copa, Euro, and Wimbledon finals collide on July 14. Here’s how The Athletic is preparing for its “biggest day ever.”
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Stories on Reporting & Production

The Athletic intends to use its live coverage as a “shop window,” giving new readers a taste of what they might get if they subscribed.
“Our task is to get back to the real world, to the extent that it is recoverable.”
“Thank goodness that the mandate will never be to look what’s getting the most Twitter likes.”
Institute for Poetjournalism founder Aaron Dworkin hopes a cash prize and a wire service for “newspoems” will help the form take off.
To what extent can, and can’t, a well-researched progressive civics blog serve as local news?
Journalists — like nurses and teachers — want to do work that’s interesting and socially beneficial. But the industry’s increasing precariousness counterbalances the appeal.
“Ultimately, what we’re fighting for is the right to freelance.”