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Why journalism schools won’t quit Fox News
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Stories on Audience & Social

The first book was a risky pick: Poetry.
“It shouldn’t be that difficult to keep an updated list of when and where and what the meetings are.”
Can “impartiality” be required from all actors, musicians, scientists, or sport pundits appearing on the BBC without thwarting the principle of free speech?
The pervasive amount of news media criticism in the U.S. has intensified the erosion of trust in American journalism, but such discussion can be seen as a sign of democratic health.
“I picture a Discord server like a room full of chairs and people sitting and talking to each other, while posting on Twitter is like putting up a banner at a corner of a street.”
“That’s one of the things I’ll miss most about running Politwoops: getting a glimpse behind the carefully crafted images that politicians present to the public.”
“This explains everything about my failed Google searches this week,” one Globe and Mail journalist tweeted.
Identity verification on social platforms used to be a matter of trust and safety. Now for Twitter and Facebook, it’s a new line of revenue.
“Part of what makes DeSantis different is how he has paired his efforts to elevate partisan media with public policies meant to destabilize independent media.”
Why do they work? They’re about Boston, not about The Boston Globe.