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Joshua Benton    
The new startup from the creators of Blogger and Twitter says it’s “rethinking publishing and building a new platform from scratch.” It’s also raising some fundamental questions about how content on the web is structured.
Megan Garber    
The personal branding of journalists makes its way onto Google’s news aggregator.
Megan Garber    
Behind the Jarvis/Morozov spat is a book tour tailor-made for the digital age.
Megan Garber    
“Failed Wikipedias” suggest successful ways to encourage contribution and collaboration.
Megan Garber    
Got a question for Susan Orlean? Now you can ask it through Amazon.
Megan Garber    
A new frontier in real-time analytics: performance data for individual journos.
Lois Beckett    
Megan Garber