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Justin Ellis    
The team behind Zeega realized they needed to go mobile-first, and Pop — which lets people communicate through a mashup of photos, videos, and GIFs from the web — is their next step.
Justin Ellis    
The multimedia storytelling company is experimenting with a new file format to make the animated images easier to use on mobile devices.
Caroline O'Donovan    
A group of 12 freelance public media producers are building innovation at the station level.
Justin Ellis    
Matter, formerly known as the Public Media Accelerator, aims to join “the values of public media” to “the mindsets of Silicon Valley entrepreneurship.”
Justin Ellis    
The immersive multimedia documentary, built using Zeega, tells the story of the impact of oil drilling in North Dakota.
Spark Camp    
Andrew Golis, Cyndi Stivers, David Gehring, and David Karger share some of the big ideas they’ll take away from the year.
Matthew Battles    
There’s a long history of mixing interactivity into learning — and a new generation of tools can let that interaction come in acts of creation, not just consumption.
Zeega logo
Andrew Phelps    
The software taps the brainpower of visual artists, technologists, and journalists to deliver surprising user experiences.
WFMU logo
Andrew Phelps    
Ken Freedman thinks radio can be a much more interactive and visual medium.
Joshua Benton