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How YouTube’s recommendations pull you away from news
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Archives: August 7, 2013

“What will happen to libel laws, codes of journalistic conduct, contempt rules, and copyright protection in a medium that through its sheer profusion of material is unpoliceable, as ungovernable technically as the telephone conversations of an entire society?”
“For when the press is out of favor, people get to talking about doing something about it; at about that time, it seems to me, the press is well advised to start thinking in very serious ways of doing something of its own in the way of policing and examining and criticizing itself.”
The Washington Post offers Bezos the chance to reinvent a newspaper during turbulent times, and in the process leave something to his family beyond Amazon.
“Among the findings was that the combination of a Kennedy scandal and a no-hit game by a local pitcher would help circulation.”
“The most innocent view of the economics of news is that the consumer pays his daily dime for his paper and gets broadcast news free. That is not true, of course.”
“Independent specialists in the field of sampling are convinced that a television and radio industry [reliant on Nielsen ratings]…is in the position of gauging space-age tolerances with the kind of dip stick used to measure the amount of gas in a Model T.”