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The California Journalism Preservation Act would do more harm than good. Here’s how the state might better help news
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Archives: August 8, 2013

“The future world of high resolution, interactive and digital transmissions will soon be here, permitting viewers ‘to order, access, store, and manipulate video, when and where they want it.'”
“What was different was the spectacle of the whole public, not just a few, editing what was published. Also, the editor’s desk did not look the same when the reader sat at it.”
“What strikes one most vividly about such a campaign is precisely its remoteness from the life of the rest of the country.”
“There are a lot of good, complicated stories behind simple numbers. The trick is to identify the number that will tell the story and then go find it.”
“If — or is it when? — these computers are permitted to talk to one another, when they are interlinked, they can spew out a roomful of data on each of us that will leave us naked before whoever gains access to the information.”