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Freelancers sue over new rules on independent contractors
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Archives: December 2014

“Investment in foreign reporting for foreign audiences is the next step for western media.” Dayo Olopade
“We need to indulge the idea that the quality of ad design should pace that of our content design.” Matt Dennewitz
“Not quite the cassette tape you made your high school crush, but similar in sentiment.” Katie Zhu
“The notifications from news apps that make it onto that lock screen are in prime position to capture attention. The lock screen is the new bundle.” Alfred Hermida
“The best attitude for navigating the next year is one of receptivity — understanding that so many things are opening and expanding in ways we can’t perceive.” Sue Schardt
“At some point, the printing press, radio, and television were all ‘technology’ too. Now they’re Journalism 101. Yesterday’s ‘technology’ is an integral part of today’s daily routine.” David Sleight
In October the Austin-based news nonprofit ended a collaboration with The New York Times. Now the Tribune and the Post will share stories and co-sponsor events.
As the year ends, take a moment to look past business models and apps and think about how you can help the challenged cause of press freedom worldwide.
“By coupling a format that encourages intimacy with a network design that encourages out-of-context amplification, Twitter has evolved into something fundamentally volatile.” Ryan Gantz
“Do You Know Your Data?” Jer Thorp