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Archives: December 2015

“Make no mistake, the financial rewards for building tomorrow’s Gannett, Lee, Tribune, and McClatchy are massive.” Ted Williams
“What we need is not more reporters and editors working for lumbering chain media, but instead more local news entrepreneurs who can bring together teams with business smarts, reporting chops, and deep community knowledge to kick ass, take names, and cash checks.” Dylan Smith
“We need to fund more creativity in the newsroom. We also need to have more patience; building relationships — even for the most adept news organizations — takes time.” Molly de Aguiar
“By reaching out with targeted calls for information and keeping the conversation going, these journalists created stories that were deeply informed by their audiences — and that wouldn’t have happened without those interchanges.” Jan Schaffer
“News becomes a colorless background, wallpaper to our everyday experience, rather than a dynamic, substantial map of the world we live in.” Zizi Papacharissi
“More private and much more public. More mobile and more stationary. And I think not only more shallow but more deep.” Michael Schudson
“It will require a willingness of media outlets to experiment, blindly, with content and formats specifically for messenger apps without the clarity of referral data.” Caira Conner
“A journalist’s job, at its very essence, is to explain to the public what’s going on. If the public is learning that through comments, journalists must be part of that discussion.” Gina Masullo Chen
“Media should never be permitted to become a mere megaphone for the exclusive use of the rich to impose their views on the rest of us.” Maria Bustillos
“What are the stories that are going to break through the noise? Which topics would inspire engagement and build community?” Mira Lowe