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What’s in a successful succession? Nonprofit news leaders on handing the reins to the next guard
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Archives: August 30, 2017

“What we want to do is create the best possible place to support great content. How does the best media in the world work? In almost every case, the best media is supported by those who consume it.”
“Imagine a newsroom where half of the room is analysts and half is reporters. You combine what each of them is so good at doing and deliver that every day to the reader.”
“Imagine uma redação onde metade da sala é de analistas e a outra metade é de repórteres. Reúna o que cada um deles faz de melhor e entregue isso todos os dias para o leitor”.
“Представьте себе редакцию, половина сотрудников которой – аналитики, а вторая половина – репортеры. Вы используете сильные стороны тех и других и ежедневно предоставляете результат читателям”.
“Imagina una redacción donde la mitad sean analistas y la otra mitad periodistas. Combinas lo que cada uno de ellos sabe hacer mejor y se lo entregas día a día al lector”.