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Archives: December 17, 2019

“Should we be cautious in describing our experience, careful not to alienate the men in the room or offend the funders who have so generously invested in our organizations? Or should we dispense with politeness and say in public what we say to each other in private?” Christa Scharfenberg
“Focusing on exposure only tells half the story: Without knowing what a person pays attention to, we know only that a person clicked, not that they learned.” Kathleen Searles
“Scrambling to understand what had happened, we were looking for answers, and misinformation was the prime suspect: as flashy as it was intuitive, as paternalistic as it was elitist, and it absolved us from responsibility, giving us a clear culprit.” Jonas Kaiser
“Many publishers are just starting to think about how they might create a technology stack that smartly and efficiently collects, and effectively uses, first-party data to drive growth in their advertising, subscription, and e-commerce businesses.” M. Scott Havens
“In a mobile-first environment, we go from small to large, not the other way around. Everything is created for mobile consumption, then adapted to other, larger platforms.” Mario García
“For all Republicans’ ‘fake news’ rants, Democrats are increasingly excoriating reporters for being insufficiently tough on Republicans — or for being too tough on Democrats.” Rick Berke
“You can’t throw a stone without hitting a newsroom that has received money from or gone through some training or boot camp hosted by Facebook or Google.” Nushin Rashidian
“A one-size-fits-all approach fits no one in the end. It places a heavy burden on the reader/viewer/listener/user to do the work of sifting through the story and mapping it to other relevant content and information.” Emily Withrow
“I’ve lost count of all the new ways of asking people to share stories that I’ve seen this year.” Beena Raghavendran
“It starts in the newsroom, where we need to talk more often and more openly about the state of journalism and how we fit into it.” Elizabeth Dunbar