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Postcards and laundromat visits: The Texas Tribune audience team experiments with IRL distribution
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Archives: July 2022

“If accessibility is only pitched as something that’s related to code or only related to computers, it’s going to be real easy for people in newsrooms to distance themselves from that.”
“It’s always journalism that gets sacrificed on the altar of video metrics fakery and BS.”
“The use of non-discriminatory language can become a tool to make diversity visible.”
New research finds the visuals of heat-wave news coverage are more likely to put a positive spin on extreme heat than the articles themselves.
Plus: A more nuanced picture of misinformation on less-moderated platforms like Telegram, and a strategy for how journalists can transform “fake news” attacks into teaching moments for news literacy.
News publishers can now direct iPhone app users to a website to subscribe — instead of being locked into Apple’s system and Apple’s rules. Netflix can show you how.
“People who don’t watch the news watch me. People who watch the news don’t watch me.”
“No comment is so urgent that it cannot wait until our usual working hours.”