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With elections looming worldwide, here’s how to identify and investigate AI audio deepfakes
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Archives: January 2023

Plus: What people expect from podcasts as a form of journalism, improving reporting on suicide saves lives, and the important role of Google Knowledge Panels in cueing confidence in news organizations.
The Investigative Journalism Foundation hopes to follow the money — and leave the door wide open for other journalists.
“We wanted the questions and feedback and the insights of Somalis to be at the center.”
To people who publish facts, it’s appealing to think of them as powerful. But people’s belief systems go a lot deeper than facts.
Among them, two words: “Twitter court.”
Hyperpartisan outlets use words a larger share of the population understands, researchers found.
“Often when an editor declines or dilutes a good story, it’s to say it’s too in the weeds. I always joke, ‘What’s wrong with weeds?’”