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From shrimp Jesus to fake self-portraits, AI-generated images have become the latest form of social media spam
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Archives: June 2023

“Why do people fail to update their beliefs in light of clear evidence to the contrary? Our research provides an answer: partisanship is a powerful factor that can lead people away from accuracy.”
“I think the value of our paper is to tell researchers that you can use The New York Times, but you need to realize The New York Times is representative of itself.”
“There are other big questions hanging over the program, like whether it has actually helped stave off the collapse of newsrooms.”
“Our interviews showed that platforms were able to push for individual deals that aligned with their own business priorities.”
“We find that news users who say their experiences engaging with news online are negative (21%) are nearly four times as likely as those who say they are positive (6%) to not participate at all with news.”
A new book details how a network of interlocking business arrangements allowed a few men to consolidate control of a huge share of Australia’s media — power that extends to today.
“People do not usually have contrasting views of human and algorithmic selection. If they are skeptical of one, they’re likely to be skeptical of the other.”