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“We’ve really worked hard not to ever have a pivot at The New York Times”: A.G. Sulzberger on AI, local news, and that Trump bump
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“We often talk with newsroom leaders who feel compelled to accept every invitation to participate in a program because they don’t want to miss an opportunity.” Mary Walter-Brown
“We have a problem with the ways traditional managers view technology in this new environment.”
“There are haves and have-nots in the nonprofit journalism space. And this isn’t right.”
Keeping reporters healthy over the long term often requires both systemic and behavioral changes, and getting buy-in often isn’t easy.
Newsrooms can prepare for recurring climate events in the same way they prepare for elections or the Olympics.
“It’s time to get real with people. They don’t want to hear the debate between two rival sects of increasingly unaccountable rich people, especially when neither of them is living a life that has anything to do with their daily lived experiences.” Ben Collins
“Rather than add to the list (although I do have a growing list), I thought I’d offer predictions devoid of AI.” David Cohn
“As much as it can feel like very little can be done, we all have agency to shape and define the futures we’d like to see.” AX Mina
“In the era of artificial intelligence, we need to invest in human intelligence, community, and compassion and unite forces to make journalism mentally healthier.” Mar Cabra
“More legislators will introduce efforts to support local news, having realized that the economic plight of news companies, particularly dailies and weeklies, is fraying the fabric of democracy.” Jody Brannon