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Yes, deepfakes can make people believe in misinformation — but no more than less-hyped ways of lying
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“The lines between what we think of as public media and nonprofit journalism are beginning to blur, organizational culture and history notwithstanding.” Jesse Holcomb
“As anyone who has attempted to be a changemaker in a storied workplace knows, it’s easier to build what you want from the ground up than attempt to change the processes, priorities, and personnel in an existing structure.” Rachel Schallom
More than half of all nonprofit outlets have either no people of color or “only a small percentage” within their ranks. The vast majority — more than two-thirds — do not have a single person of color in leadership at the executive level.
“In my experience in legacy media, the answer was to throw your hands in the air and say, ‘There’s not much we can do.’ Well, I don’t find that acceptable. We have to find ways to reach those audiences.”
Unicorn Riot is just five years old, but this week’s unrest isn’t its first time covering protests against a police killing in the Twin Cities.
The buyers say a lot of the right things. But since they seem to have no publishing experience, there’s no way to know what their plans are for the corporation, or for the newspaper.