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The California Journalism Preservation Act would do more harm than good. Here’s how the state might better help news
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“When you end up in an extreme situation, you can’t think properly. In a virtual situation, you realize how you would feel and you can imagine the kind of decisions you will make. It works with your emotions.”
“There are haves and have-nots in the nonprofit journalism space. And this isn’t right.”
“Mergers, acquisitions, and joint-operating agreements will become more prevalent among nonprofit news entities.” Paul Cheung
“2024 will see the quickened rise of innovative, unfamiliar, and even uncomfortable revenue streams for Europe’s nonprofits.” Adam Thomas
Few newspapers still employ full-time cartoonists. But some digital outlets are turning to the art form.
“We find a really strong connection that they’re able to maintain accountability in these communities.”
“Whether I agree with it or not, whether I even like it or not, the reality is that many individuals, many institutions and philanthropic groups, have concluded that journalism should be nonprofit.”
“It takes away a little bit of anxiety about pursuing a degree in journalism if you know that there is a path through which the cost can be covered.”