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The Copa, Euro, and Wimbledon finals collide on July 14. Here’s how The Athletic is preparing for its “biggest day ever.”
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“I just really wanted to be independent of the chains, quite frankly.”
We’ve partnered with Spark Camp, a remarkable occasional gathering about the future of media, to ask a variety of smart people about the big ideas they’ll take away from the year. First up: Matt Thompson, Greg Linch, and Glynnis MacNicol. Spark Camp
“Definitely craigslist…. I don’t know that facebook is really to blame for anything specific.” And maybe the Pope did endorse Trump after all!
Out of every 1,000 times someone sees a post on Facebook, how many of them include a link to a news site? Four. No wonder Facebook doesn’t want to write publishers big checks anymore.
“A lot of it’s trash, to be honest, but a lot of it’s very useful.”
The public deserves to read the documents, not just the few dozen journalists in the consortium.
“It will be a flash in the pan. Some legislators will get pissy. And then in a few weeks they will move onto something else. Meanwhile we are printing money in the basement, and we are fine.”
“We found, surprisingly, that no single feature of a headline’s writing style makes much of a difference in forecasting success.”
A healthy chunk of Facebook users say they don’t get much news there any more — an outcome to be both expected and desired.