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Worldwide, news publishers face a “platform reset”
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Articles by Alfred Hermida

Alfred Hermida is an assistant professor at the University of British Columbia School of Journalism, studying the impact of digital communications technology on journalism and new models of journalism education.
“The loss of reach for news publishers comes with a loss of visibility, which is likely to hit new, digital-born journalism organizations the hardest.”
“Bill C-18 is a test case of the power of platforms like Google and Meta to run and control Canada’s communications infrastructures. While the agreement allows all sides to claim victory, it is clear that Google successfully extracted key concessions over how it is regulated in Canada.”
“The opportunity lies in developing services and products that respond to the when, where, and how of news consumption.”
“Experimentation is becoming far more than just an add-on: It is emerging as a prerequisite for survival at a time of flux and uncertainty.”
In this excerpt from his new book, Alfred Hermida explores the connection between moral violation and Facebook likes.
“The notifications from news apps that make it onto that lock screen are in prime position to capture attention. The lock screen is the new bundle.”
“Reporters are not trained to talk about the holes in their reporting. But in a stream of constant updates, adding notes of caution can have much value.”
…And that’s when social media will also get really interesting.