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The Washington Post now offers 20 weeks of paid parental leave; here’s what other U.S. news orgs provide
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Articles by Dan Shanoff

Dan Shanoff is the founder of Quickish, a quick-hit news curation service acquired in 2012 by Gannett, where he now helps develop new content ideas for USA Today Sports Media Group.
“Too many editors remember the era of seamy 900 numbers and sketchy appeals like ‘Lucky‚Äôs Rock-Solid-Dead-Bolt Lock of the Week.'”
“2018 is the year that the biggest companies make their most meaningful moves into direct-to-consumer offerings. And as with most emerging media trends of the past 20 years, keep an eye on sports media for signals of how the rest of the industry will evolve.”
“The inverted pyramid is the new buggy whip.”
“The audience wants to go faster. This can’t be solved with responsive design; it demands an original approach, certainly at the start.”
“It’s a trap to conflate popularity and the ability to build a new property.”