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Newsweek is making generative AI a fixture in its newsroom
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Articles by Ernie Smith

Ernie Smith is the editor of Tedium, a twice-weekly newsletter.
“If we want to solve this problem of informing audiences, we need to do the hard work of finding them and engaging them at their level. And that means going niche.”
USA Today Sports Center is a time capsule from a period in which a newspaper could convince people to pay five bucks an hour to log onto their service during the big game.
“Maybe my efforts were imperfect in the end, but I ultimately learned a lot about publishing in the process, lessons I was able to take elsewhere.”
“I’m afraid that as the people with the money keep scraping away at the edges, we’re going to see a lot less experimentation from mid-sized media outlets.”
“Let’s replace the shadows that Twitter and Facebook and Google have been on the media with some business-model fundamentals. As 2018 has shown, they’ve offered us a lot more heartache than it feels like they’re actually worth.”