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A paywall? Not NPR’s style. A new pop-up asks for donations anyway
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Articles by Ernie Smith

Ernie Smith is the editor of Tedium, a twice-weekly newsletter.
USA Today Sports Center is a time capsule from a period in which a newspaper could convince people to pay five bucks an hour to log onto their service during the big game.
“Maybe my efforts were imperfect in the end, but I ultimately learned a lot about publishing in the process, lessons I was able to take elsewhere.”
“I’m afraid that as the people with the money keep scraping away at the edges, we’re going to see a lot less experimentation from mid-sized media outlets.”
“Let’s replace the shadows that Twitter and Facebook and Google have been on the media with some business-model fundamentals. As 2018 has shown, they’ve offered us a lot more heartache than it feels like they’re actually worth.”