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The Washington Post launches a year in news à la Spotify Wrapped
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Articles by Jennifer Brandel

Jennifer Brandel is senior producer of WBEZ’s Curious City and Interactive. She created Curious City in 2012 after being chosen as one of 10 productions to form the Localore initiative of the Association of Independents in Radio.
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“The gravitational pull toward the grave remains rather ferocious. But what’s exciting is that there are many seeds being sown, watered, and tended to in the bottom loop — the emergent system.”
“What if every piece of journalism helped the public understand whether old or new power dynamics and values were at play?”
“It wasn’t taught to reporters yet that every story is ultimately about power, so they didn’t single power out as a thread that could help people quickly ascertain what was going on and what they could do about it.”
“Audience engagement techniques will begin shifting away from the mindset of ‘What can they do for us?’ to ‘What can we do for them?'”