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Worldwide, news publishers face a “platform reset”
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Articles by Joni Deutsch

“Even though the audio industry is clearly going through its own version of a ‘bubble burst,’ we can rebuild it.”
“My hope is for podcast makers to overcome this insatiable need to be the first, the best, and the one-and-only, and to instead focus on being collaborators and audio allies.”
“We’re past the point of ‘If you podcast it, the audience will come.‘”
“At its best, journalism informs. But at its brightest, journalism inspires. That’s thanks to arts and music. It improves our quality of life and strengthens our sense of place.”
“2020 will undoubtedly be a big podcast year for movie stars, presidential candidates, and the like. But we can’t let this commercialized, hyper-celebrity noise drown out the diverse voices, perspectives, and stories that can and should call podcasting home.”