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Postcards and laundromat visits: The Texas Tribune audience team experiments with IRL distribution
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Articles by Juleyka Lantigua

Juleyka Lantigua is the founder and CEO of Lantigua Williams & Co., a podcast and film production company.
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“Coming into the 2024 elections, the country cannot rely on the bravest among us to occasionally burst through the lies.”
“ATMs do not accept hope as currency.”
“Measuring podcast success and setting advertising rates on a faulty CPM formula built on an inflated unit of measure could lead to serious consequences — maybe even an analytics bubble.”
“Listeners will not be content to be mere passengers on our creative trip. They want to drive sometimes.”
“Podcasting as an industry has to be bigger than New York. And we have to be intentional about making it so.”
“And when we forego a panel or a keynote or a book chapter or media appearance because it is not paid, we will reinvest that time into our own work, reclaiming not only our time but our worth.”