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Is the news industry ready for another pivot to video?
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Articles by Jacob L. Nelson

Jacob L. Nelson is a Ph.D. student in media, technology, and society at Northwestern University.
“The downside: Without news brands investing the time and effort to add their content to social media platforms, these platforms — already flooded with misinformation — will become even less hospitable venues for the millions of people who spend hours on them daily.”
People were often clear about distinguishing between the healthcare system, which they tended to describe with disdain, and their individual doctor. There was no equivalent distinction made in journalism.
“My hope is that journalism educators meet this demand by doing what we wish more journalists did within their newsrooms.”
“They’re not reaching out to these people with story ideas. They’re just telling them, ‘You suck and you’re ugly and you’re biased and your hair sucks.'”
“It’s clear that the public’s lack of trust in journalism generally mirrors the public’s lack of trust in coronavirus journalism specifically.”