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Spanish-language misinformation is flourishing — and often hidden. Is help on the way?
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Articles by Megan Garber

Megan Garber is a former assistant editor at the Lab. She was previously a staff writer at the Columbia Journalism Review, where she reported on the future of news for’s News Frontier section. Megan is currently a staff writer for The Atlantic.
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Creating a separate space for covering big events is a way to avoid flooding the feeds of @nytimes’ 3.6 million followers.
The investigative outfit explores “aggregation in the public interest.”
Frontline makes “a new investment in a more iterative approach.”
Visits to SchoolBook won’t count against the Times’ paywall, in part because the site aims to reach out to NYC students and parents.
Neal Gabler’s New York Times piece gets something wrong: Big ideas don’t need big media.
Even when you get the Colbert Bump, you’ve got to be ready to take advantage of it.
It’s another step toward stylebook-as-evolving-document instead of stylebook-as-tome-on-a-desk.
A new site brings a new level of transparency to The New York Times.
Human curation will now be a regular feature of Google’s news aggregator.
In its five years, iReport has evolved from a social network into a reporting platform.