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You’re more likely to believe fake news shared by someone you barely know than by your best friend
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Articles by Neel Dhanesha

The Athletic intends to use its live coverage as a “shop window,” giving new readers a taste of what they might get if they subscribed.
Institute for Poetjournalism founder Aaron Dworkin hopes a cash prize and a wire service for “newspoems” will help the form take off.
None of the AI writers seems to have a specific beat, except possibly for what can be best described as “police exploits,” which they all cover with gusto.
“It’s information. But it’s not news.”
“The question is not about the topics but how you approach the topics.”
“I only make unimportant things now, but it’s all the unimportant things that really make up our lives.”
The cofounder of The Markup wants to expand beyond tech with her new publication.