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Airbnb’s “Home Alone” stunt is confusing me and news coverage has answered literally zero of my questions about it
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Articles by Shraddha Chakradhar

Shraddha Chakradhar is Nieman Lab’s deputy editor. A science journalist by training, Shraddha most recently worked at the health news website STAT, where she wrote its award-winning daily newsletter, Morning Rounds. She has previously served as a news editor for Nature Medicine, and as a researcher for PBS’ documentary science show, NOVA.
Nearly 75% of Canadian newsrooms are made up of white journalists, and 80% of newsrooms have no Black or Indigenous journalists on staff.
“Don’t be afraid to tackle misinformation head on. It’s important that people speak out, and you can repeat [misinformation] and then debunk it.”
Chinese outlets’ focus on Covid-19 was much more domestic, while the U.S. view was more focused on politics and the conflict between various levels of government on handling the crisis.
Men tended to report more than women, and overwhelmingly so at the wire outlets. The exceptions to this trend were, HuffPost, and Vox.
“Alternative media tends to negatively portray politics and so [people] might turn away from it.”
“There’s a lot of hesitancy about becoming overly reliant on companies that have their own interests, ultimately, and they’re not always aligned [with news companies’ interests].”