Nieman Foundation at Harvard
PressPad, an attempt to bring some class diversity to posh British journalism, is shutting down
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Articles by Staci D. Kramer

Staci D. Kramer, the former editor of paidContent, has been writing about and taking part in the intersection of technology with media, entertainment and sports since the days before the web.
It’s hard to critique a news app just after launch, but Inside may need some improved organization to reach to more ambitious news consumers.
Modeled on lean mobile-first startups like Instagram, the reborn wants to be your front door to news on your phone — by using humans as aggregators and filters, not reporters.
“We have some serious firepower to throw at problems — and far too often, we have no idea if those problems already have good solutions.”
“Katharine and I not only hadn’t wanted to do it; we literally hadn’t thought about it. Seven years of declining revenues will give you new ideas.”
“You may get satisfaction but you probably won’t get everything you want where you want it — even if you’re willing to pay — in 2013.”