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Airbnb’s “Home Alone” stunt is confusing me and news coverage has answered literally zero of my questions about it
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Articles by Tamar Charney

Tamar Charney is managing editor of NPR One.
“Public radio needs to take stock of which parts of its identity it wants to hold onto and which ways of operating need to be left behind.”
“While this move to ‘bespoke’ gives journalism organizations powerful ways to delight listeners and readers, it means we have to find new ways to create shared understandings and a common set of facts.”
“We talk constantly about pageviews and engagement rates, circulation stats and Nielsen ratings, subscriptions and donation rates, but all that happens when we successfully offer something to human beings that is of value to them.”
“More and more, we’re getting comments from NPR One listeners along the lines of ‘I don’t want personalization, I want the news.’ My answer is, that’s exactly what we are using personalization algorithms to do.”