Nieman Foundation at Harvard
Higher ed and public radio are enmeshed. So what happens when the culture wars come?
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Stories on Business Models

“The only way a Substack grows is through tweets. I am like 85% serious when I say this.”
“I just really wanted to be independent of the chains, quite frankly.”
Cerberus Capital Management is entrenched in the military industrial complex and its company trained a journalist’s assassins. It also made possible the takeover of Tribune Publishing.
Most Wirecutter readers don’t already pay for The New York Times. That may be about to change.
The existing newsletters going subscriber-only include On Politics, Well, Watching, Parenting, Smarter Living, At Home and Away, On Tech With Shira Ovide, On Soccer with Rory Smith, and those from columnists Jamelle Bouie, Paul Krugman, and Frank Bruni.
Media innovations that eventually become commonplace are often first introduced at the Games.
Minnesota’s City Pages was closed after its parent company said the pandemic had made the alt-weekly “economically unviable.” Now, four top editors are back with something new.
“It’s important to speak truth. It’s not that important to speak about truth as part of your brand.”
The public research project analyzed membership projects worldwide. They found successful communities were fixated on learning what their members value.