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“Nobody solves media except temporarily”: Four indie media owners on money, sustainability, and “making cooler, weirder things”
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Stories on Business Models

Roughly one-third of all digital reader revenue at The Guardian now comes from the United States.
“The real question at hand is whether artificial intelligence should have the same right that journalists and we all have: the right to read, the right to learn, the right to use information once known.”
“I was not given a reason beyond ‘the company needs a reset, and you’re not part of it.'”
As media grapples with declining advertising revenue, DailyWire+ and Bentkey are betting that loyal, politically engaged subscribers will drive their growth.
“You need Google to stay in this. Otherwise, it devastates the entire industry.”
Until the early 1960s, TV news was seen as a loss leader.
In an era where the “easy money” is gone, celebrity sluggers are beyond reach, and commercial outfits are pulling back, public radio orgs can win by leaning into data and ideas that helped them create the art form.