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How Black women get their political news matters for this election
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Stories on Reporting & Production

“We’re very conscious of trying to hold this large community of people who are really struggling.”
“I don’t want to build animosity between my neighbors because of information I can’t confirm.”
“Good journalism is about doing compelling stories, and we seem to have forgotten that when it comes to climate journalism.”
“We find a really strong connection that they’re able to maintain accountability in these communities.”
“When our models noticed stocks of companies moving in ways that typically indicate news, our system pinged the relevant beat reporter in Slack so he or she could hit the phones and see what’s going on. It’s a great way to break news.”
“By providing a service that answers questions posed by audience members, audiences are more likely to reciprocate through subscriptions.”
“Journalists and scientists have a lot in common — we both like to chase, we both like to investigate, and we like to write up what we find, and do it in a clever way, that people leave nourished.”
“It is elevating investigative reporting to a level where we are able to access … jewels lying on the beach in the research of the academic world.”