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“Flexicles,” story alert systems, and other ways AI will serve publishers, reporters, and readers
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Stories on Reporting & Production

Plus: Newsroom sexual harassment and journalists’ job satisfaction, journalists’ skills wishlist, and paying for public media.
“There is no future for the L.A. Times without Latino subscribers, because that’s who lives here.”
Lowery took the helm of the Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University as its executive editor this month.
“One of our objectives is to make Georgetown more visible in Latin America…the podcast is a perfect fit to achieve that mission.”
“Is it ready for primetime, ready to be released to the masses? Absolutely not…But can it be done? Can you design an AI system that attends a city meeting and generates a story? Yeah, I did it.”
Most of the publishers surveyed now view “external migrants” — Ukrainians who’ve left the country — as their target audience.
“The absence of data, either it paralyzes you or you become more curious.”
“We plan to do more than simply expect that readers will find the story and find us. We plan to take the story to them.”
“We have created this podcast as an easy way for any parent, citizen, or interested party to get the highlights, and our take, on what happened last night at School Committee.”
“This shows us there’s something unique about kindness which may buffer the effects of negative news on our mental health.”