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Newsweek is making generative AI a fixture in its newsroom
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“We should get into the habit of thinking about audience in terms of customer relationship management and building communities around our shows’ audiences, versus just monetizing them.”
Brut β€” think a French version of NowThis β€” has had success reaching a younger demographic and is now partnering with France’s public broadcaster to expand its reach.
β€œIt’s putting content into a useful pre-made notification format that really works for our clients.”
“We think a lot about whether a video works with the sound off. Do we have to subtitle it to keep the audience retention high? Do we need to use big fonts?”
Circa needs a new round of funding, deals with partners, or a sale to grow into its CEO’s vision. Will it be able to sell investors on its unique approach to mobile, or will they consider its tech edge underwhelming?