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Freelancers sue over new rules on independent contractors
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“Come for the news, stay for the games.”
“I started playing word games as a way to stop reading the news first thing in the morning.”
“Some subscribers would rather game than sift through the wreckage. Can you blame them?”
“They get nothing out of it except a primitive sort of mental exercise.”
“If you’re looking at a metric like unique visitors, the audience for the crossword is not colossal. But if you’re looking at people who subscribe, or people who read multiple articles a month, those are groups that really value our crossword.”
“Sometimes, I’ve learned, you have to take opportunity where you least expect it. And in the end that’s what happened to us.”
As digital technology allows more and more of our lives as consumers to be framed as play, scoring points or competing with others, companies of all kinds have been incorporating games into their strategies.